Temporary vs. Permanent Dentures

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Well, I have finally gotten around to getting these pictures up! I apologize in advance, photography is not my forte.

Here are my temporary dentures next to my permanent dentures:

I received my temporary set on December 15, 2010. Impressions were taken 1 week prior while all of my natural teeth were still in tact. That impression was used to make my temporary dentures. After all of my teeth were extracted, they immediately put my temporary set in; hence, the name “immediate dentures”.

I was able to help select the color and size/shape of the teeth beforehand. The color looks far more yellow than they did upon first receiving them, probably due to coffee drinking. When I soak them in Stain Away, the stains go……away lol.

I was not able to see what I would look like with my temporary dentures prior to tooth extraction, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, they ended up looking really nice!

Surgical removal of my teeth, alveoplasty, and the dentures ended up costing around $4150.

When I first received my temporary set, they looked and felt HUGE! This was due to a massive amount of swelling from extractions. As my gums shrank, the dentures became loose.

You will notice a chalky like appearance to my temporary dentures. This is dried up reline material. As your gums shrink, your dentures will become loose, causing sore spots and difficulty eating and/or speaking. Around two weeks I had my first reline. This is where they put a “goopy-like” material in your denture and have you bite down. As the material cures, it molds to your gums, giving your denture a snug fit. This material does not come out and can be brushed and soaked as you would your bare dentures. Over the course of time, you will probably need several relines. This is because your gums will do most of their shrinking during the first nine months to a year after tooth extraction. Since you will need multiple relines during that year, your denture may take on a bulky feeling/appearance. At the end of that year, your temporary set will most likely not fit in the same manner it fit initially. This is when you get your permanent dentures.

Notice how bulky my temporary dentures are in comparison to the permanent set? This demonstrates how my gums have changed since having my teeth extracted.

When you begin the process of getting your permanent dentures, your gums have shrunken (probably significantly) and somewhat stabilized, making it easier to achieve a proper fitting denture.

(some people have the teeth from their temporary set rebased in new acrylic, while some get a “hard reline” and avoid getting a completely new set of dentures)

Now for the difference between my temps and perms. For one, you will notice the the gums are molded around the teeth much better. They look more “realistic”. Next, you will notice the difference in color. I honestly can’t remember if my temps were A1 or B1 on the shade guide, but they were the whitest of the “natural white” shades. My perms are P4, which is the second to last brightest in the portrait shades……or, bleached shades. One thing you will not notice, but I definitely did) is that the permanent teeth are far sharper than the teeth on my temporary set, making chewing that much easier. They feel more defined, whereas, the teeth on my temps were more rounded and dull, especially the molars.

My permanent set cost around $2200. I go into great detail about the process of getting my perms HERE.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. Hi! Love your site. Came here form youtube and our stories are very similar.

    Quick question: My dentist offers several different grades (custom, deluxe and premium) of dentures. Are you temps and perms the same grade? If not, what did you go with on the perms? They look beautiful on you (like you had veneers not D's) and I would love to have the same quality.

    Thank you!

  2. I have got teps in at the moment and thay feel huge like you said the only thing i dont understand is the teeth are very long and my over bite is terrible so i can not chew i am a great lover of food its so hart braking seeing my family eating burgers and so on lol what do i do about eating do i stay on soft foods eg soup or should i go to my dentist and ask her if she can correct the problem

  3. They gave me permanent dentures right away. They are huge and it looks like I had Botox in my upper mouth. I am still sore and I cannot eat. I sure hope they can fix this problem on Monday. Does anyone have any good advice for me? I'm scared.

  4. I hadn't upper teeth removed almost two weeks ago. My dentist made a permanent set of dentures and they are HUGE. My upper lip looks like I had Botox. They hurt when they are in my mouth and I cannot eat with them in. I see my dentist on Monday but I am scared!!!!!! Will he fix this for me? Others that I know that have dentures, dentures fit close to their gums. Mine don't. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks.

  5. I am not exactly sure why I never got the notifications for these comments. Maybe I should read my posts more often! I am so sorry this response is so late. Personally, I soaked mine during the day while my husband was at work. I just never really felt comfortable going sans teeth around him. Most do soak them at night. I don't think it matters whether it is night or day, but they do have to soak at some point. I could eat anything I wanted with both sets, though I understand that is not the case with everyone. My ability to eat, I believe, was based more on willpower than any specifics about the dentures. The only time they ever slipped out (not completely, but almost) was right before I got my implants….. I think I sneezed or something and they partially came out LOL. This is totally not the norm, however.

  6. I am terribly sorry about the (severely) delayed response. I know most dentists offer low, medium, and high quality dentures and they are typically classified as such (or similar). My temporary dentures were obviously the economy class lol. I don't think the permanent set was the cream of the crop, I think it was more around a midrange quality. I can't remember having any sort of class for the permanent dentures.

  7. Mine looked bulky in the beginning, also. This should correct itself as the gums settle. Once I had my first reline, I looked good as new. I'd say, after the first 2-3 weeks, if that "monkey lip" doesn't take care of itself, i'd have it addressed but it's really common in the beginning.

  8. yes, go back immediately. I have had dentures for 16 yrs and I had a problem eating only the first 30 days, when i'd eat, the roof would come down but after 30 days I never had a problem. I've never used anything to hold mine in place, they come in & out easy and I'm still able to eat anything and the roof doesn't come down ever. So, go back and talk to your dentist. I also heard I was suppose to go back once a year for a reline and never did, 2 times I had a crack in the roof part but, I took to a repair dental place and they fixewd for $60. I've had to do this twice in 16 yrs. So, I guess I'm lucky. I really want new dentures though, these are old and I want new white ones. lol!! Best of luck to you.

  9. Yes, it takes 30 days for the swelling to go down and for you to be able to eat without the roof coming down. Also, because your gums are swollen it could look like you have buck teeth (that's what mine looked like) but, after 30 days all was good and, I've had mine 16 yrs without a problem and, i don't use anything to keep them in, I'm able to take in and out easy, probably need them made smaller but, they don't feel like I have a hat in my mouth like they did years ago and they work great!

  10. I'm scare my dentist told me they have to extract my teeth do to bone lost its alot of them im going to get dentures i feel like my life its over i would never get a girlfriend or married cause of this i have went thru alot in life abd now this im devastated. .

  11. my temporary liners fit me much better than my permanent dentures. It seemed when the dentist took the mold and gave me a temporary the day before, they fit wonderful. Then the next day when I got the permanent dentures, he had to file and change the dentures. They didn't fit nearly as firm. I am thinking the company making the liner messed up. I wonder if permanent dentures in general, do not fit as well as temporary liners.

  12. Im wondering the same as i saw the dentist and dont understand the diff bet…temp n perm dentures??? there made out of same material right??? Peg!!

  13. Temporaries (a.k.a. interims/immediates) and permanent dentures *can* made out of the same material. They differ in the fact that temporaries are exactly just that— temporary. They are basically made to get you through the healing process after your extractions. You don't want to be in public without any teeth for 6 mo to a year, do you? Temporaries are not going to look too beautiful, they are not going to fit all that great. You really won't know how they look in your mouth until after your extractions. This is because they temporaries are made while you still have teeth in your mouth. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth, pour up a cast and build the temporaries off of that. So they have to do "cast surgery" meaning removing the teeth present on the cast so they can fabricate your temporary. This is why temporaries don't necessarily fit. Some liberties may be taken during this "cast surgery"– it's just not going to be the most accurate representation of your mouth!
    Once you heal and the bone has resorbed to the point where there's not a lot of changes going on, your dentist will make your permanents. These are the dentures that you will be wearing from then on. You'll still need to visit your dentist every year to get checked for fit (because you're still going to have bone resorption just probably not as fast of a rate as when you first got your teeth extracted) and make sure that no other oral issues are cropping up.
    As far as materials goes…you'll have the basic pink acrylic with temps and perms. But teeth can be customized. They can be plastic or porcelain, they have different shadings and shapes. The list goes on and on. Basically, you don't want to spend a lot money on temporaries because you won't be wearing them after a while. But they can help you and the dentist figure out the esthetics in your permanent denture.

  14. I had all my upper teeth removed two weeks ago and will have the rest removed on Monday, how long does it take for the gums to heal before I can start the process of getting my permanent dentures.

  15. You will be fine. Be strong. Get it done. And you will be able to go on with your life and it will not make any difference. At first it is difficult, but walk in that office and change your life for the better.

  16. NOT everyone adjusts as easily to dentures. They can be VERY challenging for some, including myself…SO challenging that I am in process of getting dental implants so I can again feel, look, and function more normally. I have now spoken with people who wear them only cosmetically and cannot eat with them, can only wear there, or who cannot keep them in for a whole day. Then there are some who have just given up trying to wear them at all!
    Although quite expensive, I have gotten some bone grafting and will have a snap-on lower denture for stability while enough . I also will not have the palate in the roof of my mouth with enough implants in my upper jaw to have it permanently placed (only a dentist can remove and the most like natural teeth).
    I HATED a regular denture and never adjusted over a 3 month period. If I was to advise, it would be to NOT get immediate dentures if possible at all, but to let your mouth heal for 30-60 days and then have a temp denture made. The week following the immediate dentures was traumatic for me. You might have better success if your mouth and dentures can be molded after some of the healing and chages can take place.
    Good lick to anyone who has to undergo this procedure. For some it is relatively easy, some adjust with time, others only partially adjust, and some have great difficulty no matter what and learn to live with what they can or are able to afford.

  17. I have worn a partial on top with only my 2 canine teeth as I call them for almost 15 years. Had the 2 teeth pulled 23 of dec 2014. Went to affordable dentures got my teeth march 23rd and took my partial with me and they asked if I liked the way the front teeth look, I said yes. My temporary top was made because I hadn't had the 2 teeth pulled for a year. The lady put the teeth in my mouth never let go, took them out and ground the gum part in frot down to nothing! I told her the teeth were bucky and too long, She called the dentist in he said I can take the teeth and make an impression from the teeth and shorten the teeth, he looked and said they have been ground down so I can't do it..I will have to do a whole impression and do over, so he said wear the teeth a few days and if it is no better come back. They are huge in my mouth and stick out, I can not eat with them cause they are so long I just can't chew. I HATE them..Going back this week to see what can be done. Sad but I would rather go without top teeth than wear the teeth :(

  18. I had upper teeth pulled almost 2yrs ago, permanent dentures are good, look nice. Just had lower teeth pulled this past October, been wearing the temporary denture and now was starting on the permanent denture. Temporary look okay, but they did not put molars on them. So now I find out that the payment deal we worked out in October is no longer in effect. Insurance issue and the practice going back on the treatment plan/costs, because of a loophole in the contract. To get lower dentures started, I have to show up with $1400 or no deal. I was only supposed to have paid $400 as my part. Well haven't got that money nor can I. I have a CareCredit card which is pretty much maxed from the upper teeth denture and lower teeth pulling. My question is how long can the temporary last? It is mainly for looks, I can eat with them, soft things, as there are no molars to grind food.I am okay with this, have to be… So can they last for a couple years? I keep a schedule to meticulous clean them. And I use adhesive for a tight fit for them and the uppers, no problem. Just no way to get permanent lower denture- fixed income but too much to get assistance. Won't be going back to this dentist at all. Just want to make sure I can safely keep the temporary, cleaning and all.

  19. I recently went in to visit my dentist and we started talking about dentures. He gave me the two options of permanent or temporary. I had no idea what the differences were. So I am happy that I found this article and read it. It helped decide which one I feel like would be best for me. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with me. http://www.ottawadentureclinics.net/about_us.html

  20. I was told that when I got my permanent realine that I would be getting my permanent Dentures and I had the same day extractions and I went back a couple of times for them to do something about how loose they were and they said until 6 months was up then I would be perfectly happy and that my permanent ones will not have to have any glue. I called to make an appointment a couple of weeks before my 6 months was up because I told them that I was using so much glue and powder both and it was starting to seep out so much that I started throwing up. They told me that my insurance would approve for me to go ahead and get them done. I want to know what to expect. Can I actually throw that discusting glue spread all over with powder on top away. I just feel like I may be going into another hell.

  21. I have my first set of dentures. They do not fit properly or look anything like my teeth before I had them all pulled. I have already paid for them completely and the cost was 2200.00. I can’t even wear the bottoms & the tops give me sores on my gums. The dentist mentioned that he would need to do adjustments and possibly reline them. I told him from day 1 I was in no hurry for teeth. I knew my mouth needed time to heal but he made impressions immediately after pulling my last 3 teeth. Was this done correctly?

  22. Hi, I had 21 teeth pulled last November. I got immediate dentures in. I had so many problems with them in the beginning in was afraid it would always be like that. I took longer to heal due to other health issues in have. I was told to take off the next day from work and then I should be fine. Well, it took me 2 weeks before I could go back and even then I didn’t want to. I went in for my soft refine after a month and things were much better! The Temps are not very sharp so things that I couldn’t eat unless they were cut up, onions, pickles, tomatoes. I ate soft foods, it was ok. Now I am on month 6 and having issues with the top not fitting so will go in again to have another reline done. I also should note something they don’t tell you. I had slivers of the roots of my teeth left that push their way out over time. They hurt like hell and you can have the dentist pull them out but I just took a tweezers and pulled them out myself. One was pretty big but felt better right away after it was out. It’s normal part of healing I was told. Not a big deal. I can’t wait for November to get here so I can pick out my permanent ones. I guess my whole point in writing this is to let you know that I am so glad I got this done and it is a rough road but worth it. I can smile again without embarrassing myself! Good luck!

  23. From experience and working in a dental lab back in the day but seems time stayed back then as to dentures.New hi tech gizmo’s for faster dentures.-What I have sadly seen in many dentists offices was that none of the patients had any dentures that looked as though they could talk ,chew and if they did talk their teeth fell out being brand new and had worn dentures for years being the group of Been there Done That .! I learned over the years is less is more (like using less dental mixture to make impressions (the impressions are the most important part of a great fit ) and when their is not a glob of it flowing down your throat.Have your impressions made with leaning forward so the mixture does not flow back to choke you.This way is a win ,win !as when the last part is made and they use less denture solid making material called the RESIN mixed with a measurement of molomer -then it cures thru a special way of pouring the least mixture into the set teeth already in wax set just right for uppers and lowers.The labs now have many new technic’s for fitting the teeth better than ever ,just depends if you get a clever artist like denturist.It’s amazing what some don’t want us to know due the low cost of how easier it cost to make them.For example on you tube the people on the street with the few tools and supplies they have make dental impressions on the streets of India .Watch this for yourself,except this guy usues too much of the dental mixture because it is said the thinner the denture the better it will fit.Such as wafer thin vs the size of a very heavy and wide coffee cup.Some people used the term that those teeth look like they would fit a horse.That is an old saying used by unhappy patients that can’t wear their thick and heavy teeth that fall out,distort the face .The thin set of teeth on the counter for a display are not even made like that in their lab especially in a day made (supposedly kind ) people must keep going back (however many miles or counties ) trips ad up into a months worth of recorrecting them if that can be possible for this particular place.I was told never to try and fix them on your own as that takes away any evidence ,take pictures,videos,)of your teeth and if the mixture is watery and dripping onto the flooe.THATS A RED FLAG (LEAVE THEN and take your evidence with you.) THIS HAS HAPPENED !!!!!!!! Hopefully their are some kind and sweet professionals that will go to lenghts to compliment you as soon as you walk in the door ,even if it to say You dress nice even with a broken leg(compliments are used to get the patients to trust them to any price )The whitest teeth of them all ,like celebrity teeth or teeth that have been whitened that cost a lot of bucks.Most everyone uses A2 but mostly they all carry in a couple of trays or maybe just one being out of the A1 or B1 .Heres something some of you good people may not have heard yet and that is people are buying kits to make their own teeth.(With the teacher showing you staep by step like in arts and crafts school.So really the teacher has an online school like a college.Good Fitting as I thought that might be a fiting way to close this form letter.(Sorry for the pun I couldn’t resist it but be well and long heath to all.

  24. I’ve been without teeth for almost a month, and my dentist said 2 weeks, and when I tried on what he had my upper lip was way way way to bulkie, I would like to know what’s going on

  25. I had 24 teeth extracted in one block session, 4 hours.It was a huge shock & very painful..1 week has gone by for recovery…back in for stitch removal & Temps relined to wear..doing well, bruises disappearing, ice packs helped for swelling..Enjoyed soup, jello, cold & warm drinks..for pain I had ibuprofen, aleve, oxycodone, 1 a day & paroex mouth wash & Salt water rinses as needed..have a good attitude & be positive…have a hobby to keep busy while in recovery..teps doing well, will wear a few hours each day only, allow gums to heal…patience is important..poly grip may be needed only after gums heal..so far, so good…

  26. I cannot wait to getmy permanent dentures, my gums have shrunk so much these are big bulky and I cannot eat … food make me sidk… will the perms be better> will they fit better and will they be prcelain

  27. I highly recommend going to the BEST dentist possible, don’t try to be cheap when it comes to dentures. I was petrified to get them done however I had so much pain, decaying from other medical issues, meds etc. they needed to go and I was so excited to finally move on. Well they warned me it can be challenging getting used to them, you just have to stay strong and not give up! It’s a lot to get accustomed to but you can. I couldn’t eat anything except mash potatoes for the first few weeks. I can now eat again anything I want but I have to eat different than before. My immediate dentures are beautiful! They look like natural teeth. I’ve had to go in for them to adjust them. At first it was every other day, they shave/grind them down where they’re causing sores or bothering you. I then got more comfortable that I haven’t had to go as often but still need more adjustments. Moreso on the bottom, my top are perfect! I have great suction so wasnt using paste but I then noticed they’re even better with the paste. My lowers are partials I was able to have about 8 of my front lower teeth saved which my dentist said if possible is best as they make them to hook onto the real teeth and stay in even better with less paste. I have had a more difficult time with my lower but the fact that so many fronts were saved I often don’t wear the lower partial. I paid a lot so because of that alone I am going to continue the adjusting phase as I had until my tops felt natural. It takes time to adjust, many give up feeling as if there’s no hope but THERE IS! It DOES get better. I promise! Im very happy with my dentures as I said they look great, very natural and my tooth pain I was experiencing is over! Although I’m happy with my immediates I’m also very exited for my permanents only because they’ll be molded from my mouth without teeth unlike how they mold to create the temps it’s just a guesstimate. I got mine done end of July it exhausted all of my dental expense I had to pay the rest using Care Credit and wait 6 mos for permanents which works out great because by Jan my dental insurance will have restarted and I can use it to cover my permanents. I highly recommend if considering doing this and you have insurance, just go for it before the year is up so you can get your perms covered next year as well. Good luck!

  28. I have been wearing dentures for eighteen years and still have the original top denture the bottom denture was lost in the hospital the top denture after a while gets to where it feels totalling natural I’m having a temporary bottom denture made and am considering getting implants just on the bottom denture but at sixty years old I just don’t know if it is worth spending fifteen thousand dollars does anyone have any advice?

  29. I had all my to teeth removed and all the backs on the bottom. I was given a set of immediate dentures to put in straight after surgery before I left the hospital. Actually I woke up in recovery with the floating about in my mouth. Which was weird. Anyway it was very uncomfortable for a couple of days unable to eat anything that need any sort of chewing but when I started to eat It hurt to chew and the top dentures rocked and that hurt to my bottom ones were an wearable from the outset as my tongue couldn’t settle pit they were making me gag.. so I didn’t wear them .. so I decided to use fixodent which made a difference but still not comfortable to eat anything it would hurt to eat.. so now I am waiting for my mouth to be real measured for the permanent set hopefully now the gums will be harder and have settled down maybe I can use them all the time.. will the look different to the immediate set as they looked very plasticy

  30. I had all my to teeth removed and all the backs on the bottom. I was given a set of immediate dentures to put in straight after surgery before I left the hospital. Actually I woke up in recovery with the floating about in my mouth. Which was weird. Anyway it was very uncomfortable for a couple of days unable to eat anything that need any sort of chewing but when I started to eat It hurt to chew and the top dentures rocked and that hurt to my bottom ones were an wearable from the outset as my tongue couldn’t settle pit they were making me gag.. so I didn’t wear them .. so I decided to use fixodent which made a difference but still not comfortable to eat anything it would hurt to eat.. so now I am waiting for my mouth to be real measured for the permanent set hopefully now the gums will be harder and have settled down maybe I can use them all the time.. will the look different to the immediate set as they looked very plasticy. I hope this gives you an insight into what it’s really like

  31. Hi, thank you for your information, it’s helpful even though my situation is a little different.
    I recently had my teeth extracted and implants places, I cannot get my permanent crowns until the implants are integrated with my bone, approx, 9 months, so I had temporary dentures made for aesthetic purposes. They cost me $2000 and did not fit. I’m 3 weeks out from the surgery and my dentist said I needed a reline, so he did a soft one chairside. He said it would last a few weeks but then he’ll send them out to get hardlined, giving my gums a chance to heal.
    Well, today in the mail I received a bill for $340, they did give me a patient credit, charging me $100. I’m furious, I didn’t pay $2000 for teeth that don’t fit and then to be charged again for something that will only last a couple of weeks! Then I’m positive he’ll charge me for the hard relined too.
    Does this sound right to you?
    I have a phone call into the dentist and office manager.

  32. I am now getting used to immediate dentures and they feel large in
    my mouth. I can’t chew so I either have to take them out to eat
    things I break into small pieces that I can simply swallow. The
    pieces must be very small to be able to swallow without choking.
    I’ve done that with things like burger meat (I don’t eat the bread)
    and chicken. Surprisingly, I can still experience the taste of the
    meat and it hasn’t been that difficult. I will not be able to go out
    to eat for awhile unless I stick with soft food or liquids like soup.
    Otherwise, with them in I eat only smooth, soft things
    like yogurt that don’t need chewing. I don’t like needing dentures,
    but I’m grateful they exist. My “teeth” are straight and whiter
    than my natural teeth were. When this is done, I’m going to have
    the great smile that I’ve always wanted. To anyone just starting
    this process, you’ll have highs and lows but in the end, it will
    be worth it. I’ve already gone from feeling excited about it to
    discouraged, then back to excited and hopeful. One plus….
    I’ve already lost a pound or two and at this rate by the time I
    get my permanent dentures, I’ll have a great smile and a trimmer

  33. This idea is mind blowing. I think everyone should know such information like you have described on this post. Thank you for sharing this explanation.Your final conclusion was good. We are sowing seeds and need to be patiently wait till it blossoms.

  34. It’s nice to see you’re satisfied with your perms but as an Englishman looking at those prices, you’ve been horribly ripped off.

    I had my remaining teeth extracted 6 months ago and a set of immediate dentures fitted at a cost of £234 ($289 at the current exchange rate )The upper dentures were and still are a good fit. The lowers are a different kettle of fish though.

    I had soreness and inflammation for months and the lowers are now very loose. After a chat with my dentist, he said he couldn’t guarantee a reline of the lowers would be a good fit so I’m now having impressions taken for a new set of permanent dentures and I expect a really good fitting to result now the gums have reformed- for another £234-also the teeth will be the right size and so give a better cosmetic appearance.
    I didn’t know much about dentures to start with and chose the wrong shade-TOO white-I’ve since read that you should pick a shade that’s closest to that of the whites of your eye’s for the most natural look.

  35. hi everyone. I’m from Atlantic Canada. One year ago, August 4th, 2015, I had the rest of my teeth extracted (think I had 17 left). I’ve had dental problems my entire life. I had $25,000 worth of dental work done in my life. That’s insane. And we don’t have dental coverage. As soon as my teeth were pulled and PAID for, I went directly to denturist and had immediate dentures put in. (They took impression about 2 weeks before extraction and denturist made teeth). I couldn’t take my dentures out for 48 hours. I was a bit swollen and sore..but my temps were almost exactly like my original teeth..but much better of course. Having all my teeth out and dentures put in was the worst, most upsetting day ever. I’m 39. I had a hard 6-8 months. Had soft conditioners put in maybe 5 times, top and bottom. It’s now a year and 4 months later. My teeth are loose, my gums ache, I had blisters last week..and my lips turn like a frown. So he said I need my permanent dentures made. But from what I understand, my temps will be turned into permanent dentures. I don’t think the teeth will be changed. My denturist isn’t all he thinks he is. I was not allowed to choose my color. That pissed me off right from day one. I can’t get a straight answer from him. It’s like it’s not my business or something. I’ve shelled out a ton of money. I got the deluxe. I want sharper teeth because I cannot bite anything. I could for a brief time with temps. But not anymore. I realize he is the professional, but I am the one paying him. And it’s going to cost another 1000.00 for perms. After the initial 2400.00 and 2200.00 for extractions at dentist office. I don’t know how he is going to do this. But I can’t ask him anything. He’s smart, I’m dumb. That’s the attitude. I’ve just about had enough. The teeth in the picture above, look fantastic. But I don’t know if mine will look like that. I hope so. I hope nice sharp teeth are put in. My gums have gone down so that’s why my dentures don’t fit right. I guess I will see. But sounds to me like I should have gone to Maine US to have them done.

  36. I had the rest of my teeth removed going on three months. I had immediate dentures in. I wore the bottom for 48 hrs and the bottom was killing me so I took them out. I had seventeen removed most on top. I have seen dentist twice and had bone fragments removed on bottom. Will my permanent dentures fit ? This has and still is a horrible experience. I want to be normal again.

  37. I had 18 teeth extracted about 7 months ago and was given an immediate upper denture. A few relines down through the months, my dentist’s office suggested I have a hard line. They’ve told me, when I talk to them about getting a permanent denture, that my immediate denture, once hard lined, is my denture. Something keeps telling me that this is wrong. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

  38. Hi, I noticed the initial post is really old so I don’t know if you are still responding to questions or not. I had 22 teeth extracted on Sept. 8, 2016 and I’ve been wearing the temporary dentures since then. I have constant sores on the bottom around the 4 teeth….2 on each side….that were left in. The top denture fits ok but the bottom is terrible. I apply adhesive anywhere from 4-6 times per day. I was told that I should be able to get the permanent at around 6 months….which will be in about a month. I’m to the point that I’m doubting that the permanent are going to be comfortable and fit properly and not cause sores. I guess I would like to know if anyone else has had this same problem? I’ve had soft relines several times and it will help for a few days and then the dentures start moving again and sores are back. I just want to cry over the entire experience.

  39. I hate my temps! I pray my perms. Fit better they are so huge i cant talk or taste no food. Its actually depressing. I hope hope hope i love my perms

  40. ok so I went into this completely blind but my dentist never asked me questions so I just figured the progress of getting dentures was set but reading this I have no clue if I have temporary or permanent dentures, which I know is bad. but I do know I cannot live for that much longer with these! it’s only a partial set & the roof part of my dentures are metal. is that the new normal? both my parents have dentures for their top teeth & their dentures aren’t metal.. so I’m confused. I have all my molars still tho so it’s a partial of my front 9 teeth that clip onto my molars. I had the dentist loosen the clip part since the pressure was too much on my molars but since I only had my teeth removed 2 weeks ago I understand my gums are still shrinking. I pray I can get bone graphing done when I have the $ to do so since I have to take these out to eat & I can’t really talk much either. any advice?

  41. I got my dentures right at 30 days ago had my 1st softliner put in after 2 weeks but my bite is SO off I have a huge gap I have to make them come together when I smile which hurts my jaw trying to! And the back teeth are so small I’m SO irritated I understand my gums are changing but should it be this bad? Should my bite be this off? I called to get an adjustment but they said earliest will be I a week UGH these are hurting & I hate wearing um!!! Wish I could send a picture of how off they are how crooked. Thanks for your time in helping SO many!!

  42. I have never heard of temporary dentures. I have had upper dentures for about 10 years , I always had to use glue, Just last year I had bottom dentures put in and they put a liner in my top temperature which I’ve never had before. But I’ve always only had one set of dentures. Is that normal?

  43. Hi i got my top dentures febuary of last year it was through a free program and i was so happy that the teeth my exhusband knocked out would be fixed the problem is i got the ones they put in right away by a man who does braces and not dentures and he added stuff and carved some out i missed an appointment aandfter that and he wouldnt answer my calls after so it took until last month for me to find someone who could take the crappy insurance i have and do an adjustment they fixed them beautifully i think my problem is most of my gum is now gone i am 31 i never know that this stuff was going to happen he told me i was getting partials and the day i got the broken teeth out the dentist started pulling the rest and i freaked out he showed me the full denture said he could stop pulling but i should give it a chance its been a bit over a yr n a half i have a tiny bit of gum left the lady did a good job with the adjustment at the beginning of august but its still shrinking idk what to do it was supposed to help my self confidence not give me anxiety attacks and my insurance doesnt cover me seeing someone to check just pulls i dont have the money im scared to take them out at night because i grind my teeth and it didnt stop once i had them taken out im scared please can u help me eith what i should do 26 days after my last adjustment and the denture is pushing up again idk what im doing wrong

  44. So excited that when I did the search re: temp vs perm dentures, I clicked on your link. What I’ve read so far of what you’ve shared has been encouragingly enlightening (I was beginning to think my dentists were crooks —- seriously).

    Thank you kindly, and may God continue to bless your endeavors here!

  45. I’m 30 yrs old and have struggled with dental problems my entire life.. 1 week and 1 day ago I got 20 teeth extracted. The process was terrible and the first few days were rough. The only real teeth I have left are the 6 front teeth on bottom. I was given a temp upper denture and a temp bottom partial. At first the upper was way too big, it caused my lip to bulge out and the teeth hung too low in my mouth. The day after extraction (Friday) I went back to my dentist for a check up and got a few alterations done to both my denture and partial. The weekend was horrible. Painful, tons of swelling and bleeding. Blood would dry and cause my top dentures to get stuck to my gums causing immense pain when I had to take them out for salt water rinses twice a day. I’d say by Tuesday things started to get better. The swelling had went down a bit the bleeding had slowed to almost nothing. I went back to the dentist to get my top denture trimmed to fit better and wearing the denture started to get more familiar and more comfortable. *the more the dentist trimmed the top gum portion of the top denture the more comfortable it became and the more natural the teeth looked in my mouth. Tuesday was the last day I wore my bottom partial because it doesn’t fit well and was too big. Fast forward to Thursday, I felt as I was getting used to wearing the top denture, still couldn’t eat anything but soft noodle soup, jello, applesauce, pudding, the occasional scrambled egg, and oatmeal. I did go back to work (plumber) on light duty, and went in for a soft reline that afternoon. I was still very sore with a few sores from rubbing around the gums of the k9 teeth on both sides. The dentist manhandled my dentures forcefully pushing them into my sore mouth and when she pulled the denture out with the reline material on it it pulled out 3 of my stitches. I had to get a new impression done on the bottom so they could make a second healing partial to hopefully fit better than the first. They also did a soft reline on my existing partial to make it more comfortable while I wait for the new one. The soft reline caused my top denture to fit more snug but caused it to sit lower in my mouth again and caused to look very strange (fake) again. The reline on the bottom made them fit more snug but they’re still uncomfortable and only wear them while eating. I complained about the new look and expressed my disappointment at how my appearance had changed in the last 30 min. After talking with 2 dental assistant and the dentist I was told that I needed to trust them and that in should remember that I will only have the temp dentures for 6 months and that I could make my permanents look however I wanted. So after a debate I finally admitted defeat and carried on. I left the dentist office and went to a boy scout meeting with my son. I told my wife how I was unhappy with the reline and she confirmed my disappointment when she said that there was a noticeable difference in how low the teeth were compared to when she saw me that morning. When I got home I RIPPED THAT SOFT RELINE MATERIAL OUT… Now I am once again happy with my appearance ;)… Now it is Friday. My gums are less swollen, still can’t eat anything solid, when I take my top dentures out to rinse there is a brown mucousy substance (maybe a little blood?). My dentures look good and fit good. There is very little movement and wearing them isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as i expected. I can still taste food which I was worried about. I am truly amazed at the progress I’ve made in the passed few days. A week ago I thought I would be miserable for quite a while but I can honestly say, I feel good, just a little sore, and I look even better with my new smile. I still can’t really chew anything, I anxiously await the day I can eat some meat. My second temp partial should be ready for me Tuesday so I hope to really start learning how to eat again once I get it. To anyone thinking about getting dentures, I’m a week in and doing well. I don’t regret it at all, been frustrated a few times but trying to keep a positive attitude. The first two days after extraction were the worst of all. Luckily my wife and kids acted as my own personal nursing staff so I could just lay in bed and try to sleep through most of it. I’ve read tons of horror stories about peoples experiences first getting dentures. I really think most of those can be attributed people going to low cost clinics and getting low quality dentures. If I could offer any advice it would be to not be cheap when it comes to getting dentures. I’m in it about $6500 but everything including all alterations, relines, permanent dentures, permanent partials, and deep cleanings of the teeth I have left is already paid for. Everything I need for the next year is paid for and that is with the best dentures my dentist had to offer, fully customizable, heat sealed, and 10yr warranty. Good luck people!!

  46. I really don’t know where to start. I’m 42 and have had bad teeth all my adult life. I had all my teeth taken out 2wks ago and a temp both upper and lower. They looked amazing I was so happy. Well today I went to have my stitches out and a reline. I’m thinking huge mistake. My top dentures now is sitting to low and it looks horrible. I can’t even put my bottoms ones in it’s to much bulk in my mouth. For the bottom set I had 2 implants put in but have to wait for healing. I’m honestly not sure if they are just going to use my temp. Set as my permanent set. I hope not. I can’t eat and haven’t for 2wks just drinking tons of milk to fill up on. I have cried most of the evening bc of how they look now. I’m ready to just give up.

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  48. Hey, have had my Temporary teeth for a year now. My daughter passed away as soon as I bury my child my job told me they’re moving to Spain I don’t have the money to get the permanent one in these hurts so bad is there anyone out there that can either file some of these down or is there any I say cheap permanent dentures but I don’t know what else to do at this point. Help please!!!
    Misha Miller

  49. Once a person get all there teeth removed is temporary teeth the best way 2 go or wait 4 your permanent teeth 2 arrive.

  50. Why is the wait for perm.den, so long
    I was told six months to a year?
    Since I was saving out of pocket money
    what few teeth I have has moved
    around. So to you , I ask you my original smile will never come back ?

  51. I am now in the process of being fitted for my permanent dentures. It has been 7 months since my teeth were extracted, immediate dentures put in. They are big, bulky and boxy looking. I had a lisp towards the end of the 7th month. They served its purpose but not my smile. Hopefully they can get mine right soon. My price was 3000 for immediate and 2500 for perm.

  52. Hi! I just had my top teeth pulled and temps placed immediately after surgery and I’m sorry i’d hate to say it but your advice is horrible and your dentures look horrid and huge and look like they would be very painful. My oral surgeon and dentist both stressed to the max to no matter what I do DO NOT TAKE THE TEMPS OUT WHILE HEALING PERIOD! They are only to be taken out 3 times a day for rinsing incisions and gums and cleaning then placed back into mouth IMMIEDENTLY because of swelling if that is not done your dentures will not fit right and you will have problems with them. The dentist can only adjust them so much. I’m sorry for my negativity towards you but I worry about people your giving wrong advice to.

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  54. I have temporary lower dentures and it will be one month on May 13th My dentist wants to get me permanent ones made isn’t that too early? I still need adjustments on these .when do you get permanent teeth HELP

  55. I have temporary lower dentures less than a month and my dentist wants to order permanent ones already.when do you get permanents.I still need adjustments on these.Help

  56. I notice that you said you were able to help choose size, color, and shape of your teeth before extraction. I am having my teeth extracted next month, and when I went to have impressions made at my dentist, I was allowed to help choose a shade, but they made no mention of the size or shape of teeth.

    That now worries me, because I don’t want to end up with something that looks horrible or with teeth that look too large compared to my natural teeth.

    Anyone else NOT get to choose their own shape and size of immediate denture teeth? If so, how did they turn out?

    Thank you.

  57. I have read as many Post as I can for tonight? My immediate dentures are perfect. People don’t know I’m even wearing dentures unless I say something. I’m still not sure about the difference between immediate and permanent dentures? I only had a couple felines. And I waited 2 years for hard feline. I was 58 now 60. I’m thrilled with the hard reline. The only reason I would get another set now is for emergency back up! I am still pretty vain. I don’t or try not to let my husband see me without teeth in. My kids are grown. So? It would be a long shot for kids to see me without teeth. What is the main reason for getting permenet set of teeth? The hard reline was perfect. When the two year wait for hard reline works? Did I get special treatment from my dentist? Cause I’m trying to fiigure out why spend another 2k plus on teeth? On top of the 12 grand already spent. In Oral surgery bones shaved down? Immediate with soft felines included to the like new beautiful job done on hard reline on immediates? Am I just lucky? I’m searching sites now? To see why I need another set? Why do I think I’m in fine?

  58. I’m getting all my teeth pulled next week
    And the temps. Dentures what is the pain level after having this done?

  59. The permanent don’t look that different from the temporary I’m sure they feel different. So do you go through the same process of wearing and cleaning as you do with permanent except for them being uncomfortable. Cleaning and adhesives just like perms, right?

  60. Have you heard of stabil dent as a solution to lower denture stability instead of implants? We hat’s your take on it?

  61. Been over a year and still haven’t gone for the permament ones…. Everything you said is true, was wondering if the new ones would be sharper…….Thank You………

  62. I have a question… I got all my teeth extraxted 3 days ago. My temps are in right now and I hate them! Feels like I have a mouth full of plastic and the right side is shorter than the left side. They did some adjusting but its still awful and very uncomfortable. My question is how long will it take for me to get my permanent dentures?

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