Implant Journey: Day 2 (the operation)

Posted on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Our driver picked us up from the hotel at around 6:45 AM. I was totally prepared for surgery. I twisted my hair back so it wouldn’t get blood and drool in it. I wore comfy clothing. I am obsessed with the grumpy cat (i’m a total cat lady) so I thought a grumpy cat shirt would be very fitting for surgery haha.

To my surprise, I was not very nervous about the surgery! I am the biggest worrier on this side of the galaxy. I worry about everything. But for some reason, I was very mellow about getting this done. I think a big part of it was that this whole thing seemed like my fate, it seemed like divine intervention to even be getting this done so I had very little worries of anything going wrong. I was really at peace with the whole thing.

I don’t think you will catch Carlos *not* smiling:-)

When we got there, I recorded a short video about my thoughts of the experience up to that point. I also  met with Michael Martinek, the territory representative for Nobel Biocare. They got word of the contest about a week before my procedure and decided to sponsor it! How awesome is that?! If you don’t know, Nobel Biocare collaborated with a Portuguese dentist named Paulo Malo and out of their studies the All-on-4 concept was established. To some up this system, the implants are placed in such a way that bone grafting is typically not necessary. Patients who once were not the best candidates for dental implants can utilize this system. If you’re interested in learning more, check out You can get information right from the source. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had very little bone to work with and honestly had no idea how implants could be placed in my lower arch. But it worked!

Getting my gas and IV sedation

The last thing I recall was talking to the anesthesiologist about the Hoover Dam LOL! He was so pleasant to talk to. He told me he was giving me my IV meds and that they would kick in in about a minute. I guess he was right because I remember absolutely nothing after that. It was as good as it gets. I have told everyone in many videos how I have a fear of being out of control and that I do not like the idea of being knocked out. But honestly, it doesn’t matter how you feel about it because you don’t remember anyways! This is definitely the way to go when getting major dental work done!

And here is the more gruesome pictures. You have been warned!!

The green stuff is from impressions, I believe. The white things are temporary caps on the implants.
Toothless and out of it!

I really can’t say what all happened during surgery because as I already mentioned, I was knocked out. I remember absolutely nothing. I felt no pain during or immediately after. I was just loopy and tired.

So you all know me by now. You know my biggest fear is being seen without my teeth. I’ve mentioned MANY times that I would never let my husband see me with no teeth. Well, that all changed. He walked in after I got out of surgery, saw me without teeth, asked if I wanted him to leave and I said, “NO!”. My husband had been with me through it all. I mean, really, through everything. He was with me when my teeth were pretty much rotting out of my mouth. He was with me when I lost my teeth and got dentures. And here he was feeding me a smoothie after I got my implants. The lesson? True love sees through everything. He stayed right by my side through it all. In the end, I could care less if he saw me toothless:-)

Kevin feeding me a smoothie
I don’t want to hear any women say all men are dogs! You CAN find a man to feed you a smoothie while you’re toothless!
Amanda, one of the assistants, is the one who actually went and bought me a smoothie. I thought that was so thoughtful of them because I was STARVING!! Haha. That was pretty much it for surgery day! I think the whole thing lasted about 6 or 7 hours or so! Crazy! They treated my husband to lunch so he didn’t starve while he was there:-) All in all, we were in the best care possible. Everything went smooth. I couldn’t ask for better care. 

We got back to the hotel that evening and I was DONE lol. I was on Hydrocodone for pain, alternating with 4 200mg. Advil. The reason I felt pain like I did was because my bone was uneven so they cut me open and removed bone from both the upper and lower arch. I don’t know if you all remember or not but I had a pretty crooked smile. My teeth sort of slanted and that is why. So I got all stitched up and that’s the only thing that really hurt. The implants didn’t hurt at all. For dinner, I had a chocolate parfait, a mocha frappuccino, and creme brûlée. I fell asleep and hubby got dressed and went downstairs to the casino. I am not a gambler. I have no desire to risk losing money lol. But he’s a guy and that’s his guy thing so hey, have fun haha. He didn’t win anything and thankfully didn’t spend much, either.

And so, our 2nd day in Vegas came to an end.

7 thoughts on “Implant Journey: Day 2 (the operation)

  1. I wish you the best and thank you for all this wonderful information!
    I can not wait to see the results even though I know it all went well.
    You have a great husband!

  2. You look amazing cant wait to see updates when the swelling goes down. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your vlogs, they have helped me a great deal, I love you attitude about this situation!! I am going through almost the same thing, I need full upper dental implants which I cannot afford and I am also so afraid of my new teeth looking sooo fake. This has me sooo depressed.
    congratulations you deserve them Im happy you won!!!

  3. When you were commenting on how your hubby was there for you through all the good and bad with your mouth it brought me to tears. What a wonderful blessing to have an understanding guy. I also have a hubby that loves me regardless of my smile and is the one who brings laughter into my life. Thanks for being brave enough to post your surgery pics. ^_^*

  4. I just want to say thank you for your videos and sharing your journey to the whole world. I am wearing dentures at the moment and also considering on getting implants. Your blog has help me so much and it also has lifted my spirit up knowing that I am not alone in this.

    You have a wonderful husband and cant deny it that I also cry the whole time I am reading this as it is so sweet and touching.

    God bless you and your family.

    Love from london

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