My mom’s Denture Process: Wax Try-in

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 10:59 pm

So, the next step in the process is the wax try-in. For those of you who don’t know, a wax try in is when you are able to try on a mock up of your dentures. The teeth are set in wax so that you are able to see what they will look like before they are processed.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Once the denture is made, it’s pretty much a done deal. The supplies have been used, the lab tech has been paid, the time has been spent….. typically, that’s it, the end.

Changes can be made while the teeth are still in wax. “That tooth bucks out too far”, you might say. “No problem, I can take care of that!”. Easy enough. “This color is terribly yellow, can we go brighter?”…. “Sure!”.

Don’t worry, they are not supposed to fit superbly at this stage.

This stage can stir up all sorts of emotions. You want dentures that function but you want them to look great. Check out my post on how to prepare yourself for this step! 



Stop tensing up, Mom!

And here they are! Well, here are the uppers. I think they even look incredible at this point. We are aware of the slanted teeth to your right, but that makes them look even more real!

The size of the teeth is perfect. The shade is the natural white shade. I believe this was the same shade of my temporary dentures. Very natural.
Upper wax mock-up

So, where are her bottoms? Remember when I said her bite didn’t line up properly? Well… it REALLY didn’t line up properly.

In an attempt to somewhat remedy this, our dentist has asked the lab tech to process the uppers and lowers separately. They will get the upper teeth perfect and complete the upper denture first. Then, she will do another bite registration for the lower arch while the upper denture is in her mouth. This will hopefully help to produce a set of dentures with a better bite. The relation between her upper and lower arches was so off that if they processed the dentures based on her initial bite registration, she would have dentures that do not line up at ALL.


Can you tell she is happy?

I just sighed with relief when I saw her teeth. She has gone so long without *any* teeth that it’s just refreshing to not see her toothless. It definitely knocked some years off of her!

And here is the second wax try-in:
The challenge presented is that at times, her right side (your left) appears to come down more than it should but there are moments it looks totally fine.
Dr. Davis began talking about “what makes a person beautiful”. It’s as simple as symmetry. Attractive peoples’ faces are very symmetrical. No one has a completely symmetrical face, but if you are considered “attractive”, it’s close enough. So to have a smile that does not line up properly is not considered to be very attractive.
I’ve seen a documentary about this before. In a study done on attraction, the subjects were presented with pictures of random people. They had to sort these people by “attractive” and “unattractive”. The people who were found to be the most attractive had the most symmetrical faces. You could put a grid on their face and the left and right sides would line up almost perfectly.
With that said, they will be correcting the issue with the upper denture not being symmetrical and she will be going for her bite registration for the lower arch next week.
The anticipation is building! My sister and I have promised that once she gets her new set of dentures we will be taking her to get her hair done and to buy a new wardrobe :-)


Examining the symmetry


5 thoughts on “My mom’s Denture Process: Wax Try-in

  1. Hi, Since it has been a couple of years… I think we would all love to see a picture of your mom and her beautiful smile. Did she stay with those dentures or is she on to something new like the all on 4 also?

    I am one year into my denture journey and am 58 years old… so I am curious to see and know how she has handled this new process.
    Thanks. Rochelle

  2. When I had temps made I was never offered the opportunity for wax mock ups. My temps don’t look like the teeth I picked out, I don’t look like me and I hate them! When I get perms should I demand wax mock ups? I had never heard of them till reading here. And yes i went to Affordable Dentures. I got a package deal for the temps and perms, I got the best perms they offer… What do I do now? Thanks so much and HELP!

  3. when I got my first upper plate. (years ago!) , I was never offered a wax mock up. I also didn’t get a temporary set. They took impressions. let me pick the color, sent them off, called me in about 2 weeks. pulled out all the upper teeth and put in the dentures. That was that. Had to have them relined a few weeks later. at that time, I SWEAR they put in a tiny separation in my two front teeth. (because my grandmother always had the same little separation, and while it looked ok on her, I wasn’t way crazy about them. so when I got mine at first…I was happy it wasn’t there. then suddenly POOF, there it was) I wish I could help you. When I went last week to this present dentist, he immediately talked about the process including the wax mock ups. I had NO idea what he meant. they kind of reacted as if my last dentist should’ve known.

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