Denture Pain: Inferior and Superior Labial Frenulum

Posted on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 1:11 am

Inferior & Superior Labial Frenulum

The inferior and superior labial frenulum are small flaps of connective tissue between the lip and gum line on the upper and lower jaw (maxilla and mandible). 
In other words:
There are a few reasons as to why your dentures may be causing pain in this area. 
 As the swelling from surgery goes down and your ridge continues to shrink, your denture may begin to sit lower than it originally did, causing the denture to cut into the labial frenulum. 
A reline can help to bulk the denture up once again, lifting it away from that area. 
Another reason your denture may be causing pain to that area is that the denture was not made to provide adequate room for this tissue in the first place.
A quick adjustment can help provide more room so that the denture does not interfere with this tissue. 
If you do find that you are having pain in this area, keep it clean by gargling with warm salt water. Benzodent can be applied to the area as well but if it is causing too much pain, it’s probably best to leave the denture out until the irritation subsides. Call your dentist and set up an appointment for any necessary adjustments to prevent further pain. 
Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. This article is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a qualified dentist. The reader should regularly consult a dentist in matters relating to his/her oral health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

5 thoughts on “Denture Pain: Inferior and Superior Labial Frenulum

  1. If the dentist who made your dentures did not did not relieve your dentures enough, in the area of the frenula, he/she has no business making dentures. That also goes for dentists who use cusped, or porcelain dentures teeth… It was also goes for dentists who leave areas which cause denture sore spots on your gums, or who make dentures which are loose, or don’t look natural. If they tell you you must leave your dentures out, soaking in water, while you sleep, ignore them! They don’t know what they’re Talking about, and should be avoided like the plague. If your dentures aren’t comfortable that, and tight enough, that you can wear them all night while asleep, it can kill you!

    I call this Death by Dentures… The title of me latest Kindle eBook, Death by Dentures: Are You At Risk?

  2. Should you have a Vcut in lower denture?My denture comes down way to long like to 2 inches inside is this necessary? Also right lower denture I’m talking about is longer across inside and yes I sleep with them its my 3rd day after 15 teeth extracted why can’t I sleep with them? I was a dental assistant in the ‘80’s so have knowledge of dentistry and to my astonishment I’m not thrusting to get them out most natural response! These are temporary but not sure natural don’t want tombstone teeth

  3. Please leave me a response at my email I’m not a dentist and its 2018 and need professional opinion for peace of mind.

  4. Renee,

    You better wear your dentures at night. If you don’t it can cause Heart Attack, Stroke, and/or death.

    And, those who survive the stroke frequently end up in a wheelchair, in a nursing home, for the rest of their lives, lined up in the hallway, asleep and drooling all over themselves. They are unable to speak, or recognize friends or family. Yet, we dentists still tell our denture patients to leave them out at night.

    I am just finishing a book for denture-wearers which explains that and other ways dentures can cause an untimely death. The title is:

    Death By Dentures: Are You At Risk?

    I plan on publishing it on amazon, as a Kindle eBook.

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