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Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 11:42 am


Hi, I’m Emma, a 27 year old mum of four boys and I wear full uppers and partial lowers! I’m a stay at home mum.

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What caused you to need dentures? All sorts of problems really. Bad diet as a child, having braces on my teeth as a teenager and not caring for them properly. Gum disease. Having 4 kids drained me of calcuim. Bad genes
How did you find your current dentist and why did you choose him/her? I had a dentist originally but she was awful. Made me feel like crap every time I went in. My partner needed a dentist and found one nearby. he had a positive experience there so I went and signed up to go there. They were great
How much did/will the procedure cost? It was on the NHS, so for me it was free
What type of work will you have done? I had all my top teeth extracted and lowers apart from the front 6. They were surgically removed as some were just stumps
What were your feelings before getting dentures, if it applies? Scared, nervous, apprehensive. I wasn’t sure what to expect but i thought it couldn’t get much worse than the state i was already in!
Have those feelings changed? If yes, how so? Yes. I’m glad I did it! The pain wasn’t really pain. More of an ache. Yeah, i looked weird for about 2 months as in the UK you don’t always get temps so I had to walk around toothless for months, also my bone got infected cos my teeth were so bad but now I have my teeth it was all worth it, i can smile!
What type of challenges do you face? Share any strategies you might have for handling these problems. Not sure right now, I’ve only had them a week! I do know I’m going to need a reline soon though
How does your partner feel about it? He was fine, in fact he was great. He helped me through every step of the way. He saw how bad they were, how they affected me and he has been really supportive. Now he’s glad to have me smiling and happy :). He was freaked out a bit though when I was toothless, i won’t lie!
Describe your support system, if you have one. My partner has been my rock. Honestly. He’s seen me look like crap, giving birth, vomiting. This mans for life lol. And he still wants to kiss me!
What is your care regimen, both at home and dental visits? Again, not sure, I need to go in again in two days to get a bit shaved off as they are cutting into my top lip a bit. I look after my remaining 6 teeth really well! Flossing and brushing. And my dentures get soaked every night
Do you have any favorite products? Fixodent food seal really grips them in for me, They are a bit loose right now cos my gums are still shrinking. I use a generic cleaning tablet for them. Oooo, and I use cushion grip once a week, literally feels like a cushion on your denture
Please share any other thoughts or relevant information you may have. Look after the teeth what you have and don’t be afraid to get dentures if you need them. I wish I had years ago

7 thoughts on “Emma’s Story

  1. My name is Hempel Schorn. I was born in Montreal, Canada. I have studied in Montreal and Madrid and lived and woerkd in Montreal. You have a really nice blog!

  2. you have a beautiful smile! My teeth are really bad and I’ve been thinking bout dentures but hearing your story makes me feel a better about possibly getting them. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Gosh I’ve only just discovered this site. Already I feel better about getting dentures. I am older than you but single and fear the worst re being attractive etc. You look gorgeous Emma.

  4. This is a tough journey and it looks like you pulled through it like a champ! Congratulations! :)

  5. Hi Emma!

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am in a smilar situation.
    How you do find a dentist that you can trust. I live SoCal. and I can seem to find a dentist that I open up to. Can you help?

    Thanks you

  6. I am considering getter dentures. I am 49 years old. I went to a Dentist and just gave me horror stories about Dentures. I don’t know what to do. Please what do you recommend?

  7. Hi Emma, I would love to know how you are getting on now. I am in the uk too and wondered how you have found NHS dentures. I am on the same journey soon, a little bit older than you and terrified but reading your story and that you are happy is amazing! hoping all is still well.

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