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Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Sheila is a 26 year old wife and mother of three from Florida.

“My dental problems started when I was little. I was hurt and my top front tooth went THROUGH my lip. Luckily it was my baby tooth. But when my adult tooth grew in in that spot, it grew in almost completely sideways. My mouth is small so all my teeth are crowded/crooked. I’ve always been shy and self-conscious for that reason. Plus having acne as a teenager.”  Read on to learn more about Sheila’s story!


What caused you to need dentures? My teeth are not beyond repairable I guess you could technically say, but TO fix them would cost atleast $10,000 that I just don’t have. I have 3 children and I babysit. I don’t have the time or money to go get 2 root canals, 2 extractions, 1 filling, and then 3 years of orthodontic payments.
How did you find your current dentist and why did you choose him/her? Found one close to my house, they were on my Aflac provider list. He told me before I get braces I’d need 2 maybe 4 extractions first so that my teeth have room to shift and straighten with the braces, I’d need 2 root canals on my two back molars that have been causing me pain, 1 filling, and referred me to an ortho.
How much did/will the procedure cost? Altogether to fix my natural teeth would be $10,000. Not to mention all the other dental work I’d need throughout the years, I’m only 26.
What type of work will you have done? I’m actively trying to get extractions and just get dentures so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Drove 5 hours away for the dentist to tell me I’m stupid and he needs IN WRITING what the other dentist told me, and said he’s not risking a malpractice suit. I figure, it’s MY teeth, MY money, so it should be my choice. Not some doctor that barely talked to me for two minutes, he just glanced at my xray, didn’t even examine my mouth, and told the nurse to check me out, and went on to the next patient. I am trying to find a dentist that will just do this for me so I don’t have to worry about my stupid teeth and all the problems they’ve caused. We live on one income and only have aflac dental (which is for claims, you pay upfront, and MAY get a small reimbursement). I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m at my whit’s end and I need advice.
What were your feelings before getting dentures, if it applies?
Have those feelings changed? If yes, how so?
What type of challenges do you face? Share any strategies you might have for handling these problems. I’m trying to find a dentist that will actually listen to me and take into my account my feelings and my familys status. I know it’s not medically necessary, but if I don’t get them done, my teeth are going to rot bc I don’t have the money to keep up with them, and I’d need dentures eventually anyway. I’m so frustrated.
How does your partner feel about it? My husband just wants me to be happy and supports me either way. I just don’t want to stress him out with ONE more monthly bill, for 2-3 years. :/
Describe your support system, if you have one. My family has been very supportive.
What is your care regimen, both at home and dental visits?
Do you have any favorite products?
Please share any other thoughts or relevant information you may have. Does anyone have a similar experience or have any suggestions for me. Please, spare me the lecture of “it’s worth the money” The simple fact is… I don’t have the money. If I WANT dentures, thats my choice and a dentist should not be allowed to tell me no. I need help!!!

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  1. Hi Sheila! I'm easily old enough to be your grandmother, but will tell you my experience. Like you, I always had dental problems. I had my first root canal at 16. When I had my extractions, I'd had 10 root canals, and had 10 crowns. They now wanted to re-do everything! Over about a 25 year time period, I spent over $100,000 trying to 'save' my teeth. I'm now retired and cannot afford the catastrophic dental bills. This year alone would have been $8000. I spent a bit more and now have dentures. I won't lie, it's not an easy surgery, or recovery, but you will be so happy when your done and healed. I've learned to speak, eat, and adjusted to all now. I just wish I had done so sooner.

  2. Sweetie also sign up with 'Dentures A New Smile'. It's a wonderful group of people who have all been through all kinds of dental issues, but primarily getting dentures. We're off all age groups and do our best to offer support and information for all of us. Everyone is always welcomed with 'open arms'. I think you will find it to be a big help. Good Luck!…

  3. No reputable dentist is going to put dentures into the mouth of a 26 year old patient who clearly doesn't need them. Dentures are a last resort. You have said you teeth are "not beyond repairable" and dentures are "not medically necessary". You WANT dentures so you don't have to worry about taking care of your teeth anymore. You want to be spared the "it's worth the money" lecture. You want to have what you want and expect a dentist to suspend his professional judgment for your wants. Grow up little girl. No dentist is going to risk his license and a malpractice suit because you want a quick fix. Take care of the teeth you have now. If you are really lucky, you will die of old age with those teeth in your mouth. Would you expect a doctor to fit you with glasses if you had normal vision? Give you a hearing aid if you could hear clearly? Dentures should never be a cosmetic solution. They are a medical solution to a medical need. You would be a terrible candidate for dentures because you would not be willing to put in the necessary work needed to learn to eat with them and speak with them. The purpose of teeth are as instruments for chewing food and speaking clearly. I pray that no dentist gives in to your childish demands.

  4. Kristi, today i spent hours commenting via your form. Iveven sent a photo. For me that is remarkable. However, I don’t see it anywhere in your many communication options. How do I find out if you received anything from me today (monday 11-30-15). I already tried reposting 3 times but now it is gone for good. YES. I am a techno-idiot using only my phone to contact you. I have no computer. Please let me know if you received my posts. # 4794182070 would be easiest for me. I am Lizabette or Blessings 2you. IF you did receive from me today – my gmail address will be in my post. Thank you so much. God Bless You, Lizabette

  5. I had alot of problems over the last 5 years with my teeth, had missing teeth, 6 left on top with 2 bridges, 4 missing on bottom,2 which needed crowns, constant root canals, all because a dentist put a bridge in my mouth, never had a proper bite, caused alot more problems. So I saved my money to have implants. Now I work hard for my money, and the cost of implants, what’s called all on 4, done on top and bottom was very expensive. The place made it sound unbelievable, great drs, unique technology, teeth in a day, of course that meant the temps. I have been living a nitemare for over a year now. I have had pain, an implant go bad, and the owner stated, it was all in my head, 7 months I walked around with a bad implant, when I finally insisted they remove it, it was bad. Right then I lost all confidence in this company and the owner. Not is it even worth the large amount of money, but their work is hideous. I feel the implants in my jaw, something you should not be feeling, and another upper implant aches all the time. I am now having to go back in for surgery and have them removed, as they could possible be affecting my health. So I wil be having to get dentures, which this same company is charging 5000 for a set of dentures, and I have no choice because I can’t walk out of there with no teeth, so they are taking that out of my money that I paid. I have so much anxiety and depression, and I am so scared that I won’t be able to wear the dentures, or talk, or eat. It’s nice to hear other stories, and ppl who are living with dentures everyday. This gives me hope, thank you for this site, very helpful to know there are other people wearing dentures, I feel like I’m the only one that’s going to be going through this. Thank you

  6. Sheilia,
    I got Full Dentures at an early age and don’t regret it at all. In fact, I love having dentures because appearance wise and functionally they are perfect. There is a lot of bad publicity out there about dentures, but I can tell you, if you need them, they are a marvelous replacement for bad teeth. Mine are now a part of me and just like wearing Glasses and a Bra.
    I can eat anything at all, believe me.
    Good luck,

  7. Hi Shelia I just wanted to say that if you feel that strong about it dont give up. I waited until I was 33 to get All my teeth extracted even though they had steered

  8. Hey Shelia I’m Brittany and I’m 25 I was born with a rear skin disease called incontinentia pigment of the skin that causes the skin to have black spot and effects the growth of teeth when I was little most of my baby teeth never free back now as an adult I only have 13 teeth total I wanted in plants so bad but couldn’t afford them since they would cost 25,000 dollars so now they are want to take my teeth and give me dentures I’m nervous but I guess it won’t be bad after all since now I’ll have a better smile

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  10. Hello
    This is the first time I’m visiting your blog. My life changed 25 years ago when I became a domestic violence survivor, however my abuser took away my smile by knocking out most of my teeth, and or cracking them to the point of me having to have my mouth wired shut for 8-10 weeks.

    I have fuzzy parts of what happened from the trauma i went through. I only know that due to my abuser punching me closed fist, I had broken teeth that cut through the roof of my mouth that has made a hole and it has never healed and or closed up on its own.

    I was devastated to come to realize in my early 20,s I was going to have to get extractions on teeth that couldn’t be saved. I put all my money into trying to save and or repair what teeth weren’t knocked out or extracted.

    Now I’ve been a prisoner the last 25 years since this monster took away my smile. I couldn’t bear to look at my pictures before when I had my beautiful smile so I destroyed them since it just reminded me of what HE took away.

    I have paid for 3 upper dentures that the dentist never adjusted and since I was a cash paying patient I had to pay in advance before I received the denture then when it was time for adjustments they kept putting me off and not wanting to fix what they didn’t do correctly. Then when I got my 3rd upper denture in 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer so I had to drop everything and go through intense cancer treatment to save my life. Even though my smile, self esteem, oncidemce was taken away the only reason why I go through my cancer treatment was my 2 kids because I pretty much had just given up on life.

    By the GRACE OF GOD, I got a second chance at life but kept thinking how is this a second chance at life when I can’t eat, smile, and or talk without people making fun of me because a monster took away my smile. Then I started to question myself and question did I do something to deserve the trauma and domestic violence that happened to me.

    Now I’m at a point of already spent $9k on 3 upper dentures that were done incorrectly during the impressions stage and the places won’t fix them and I don’t trust them to go through the trauma again. Then spent $1k in consultation fees of speciality dentists telling me I have too much bone loss on top and it will cost $80k-$100k from UCSF to restore my mouth and the trauma from being a domestic violence survivor. Even if the could get a few implants on each side on top to fit a bridge not fixed on top there still isn’t any support for the top front teeth on top and why would I go through that entire process and spend huge amount of money just for the top denture Bridge to break in half due to when you bite using your top teeth there is no bone for an implant in front so it will break.

    Even though last 25 years I’ve had to adjust to eating a soft diet and don’t have a desire to eat anything hard food wise after so long.

    I really hate having a top denture and especially one of three paid for that wasn’t done properly. I would never choose to have dentures but feel for the stories I’ve read that need to do something due to their health.

    I’m not in my early 20’s anymore however still way too young to have a denture and just feel sick to my stomach about trying to get in my head I won’t ever get married and or find love again because no one wants to date someone who has a denture unless they are way older.

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