Finding Support as a Denture Wearer

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 10:19 pm

The importance of finding support

There were many things which held me back from seeking treatment sooner. One of the things which really stands out, however, was my looming fear of how people would perceive me if I were to become a denture wearer. At the time, I was a 26 year old newlywed and mother of two young children. As loving and supportive as my husband was in all other areas of my life, I often worried about what he might think of me if he knew I had to lose all of my teeth. Would it be too much for him to handle? Wouldn’t life be easier for him if he could be with someone who didn’t have so many “problems”? And what about everyone else? Would my family pity me? Would they be ashamed of me? What about the rest of the world? If they knew I had to get dentures, would they think less of me? Laugh? Mock? These thoughts consumed me to the point that I could not take action. It felt as if I were alone, staring at a monster that I didn’t have the skill to defeat. The only thing I could do was cower away from it and hope it disappeared.

Unfortunately, this is a reality for many people. Please don’t ever feel like you are alone in this. Even the bravest of the brave can be very apprehensive about reaching out and finding support through their journey to dentures. In my own journey, I think that was one of the biggest hurdles I had to jump. When you read my blog or watch my videos, it may seem like I had no problem sharing such a personal part of my life with the world but that is not the case. I was just as nervous and scared as many of you may be. But now that I am on the other side of this, I can look back and see that finding the proper support was paramount in me achieving the success I have had thus far.

Here are some ways you can find support and encouragement to help push you through your own journey!

Online forums and communities for denture wearers

The first place I turned to for support was not my husband or closest friends and family. I was still being very stealthy about the whole thing and am known for being a chronic Googler. I stumbled upon a website which ended up being the pivotal moment in my decision to go through with getting dentures. Dentures a New Smile is an online community for denture wearers and others who are faced with losing their teeth. As I scrolled through the photos section of this community, I saw tons of people of varying ages and ethnicities, male and female, and I never would have guessed that they, too, either were denture wearers or were bound for becoming denture wearers. This really opened my eyes to what it means to wear dentures. Prior to this, I felt so isolated and alone. Now I was able to see that this isn’t just something that I had to go through. Many people have gone through this and achieved amazing results. I scrolled through the forum and read countless stories which really resonated with me. These people were able to share intimate details of their struggles with their teeth; something even I wasn’t able to do at that point. It felt so liberating when I was finally able to open up about all of the challenges I had been faced with— things I had always been too afraid to share with others. Not only was it a huge weight off of my shoulders, it felt good to be able to share it with people who understood and could give me actual feedback and advice based on their own experiences.

I highly recommend joining and online community or forum. Mind you, strangers online cannot give you professional advice but they can share their experiences and give you an idea as to what this whole process looks like, as well as various challenges they have encountered so you can better prepare.

Here are a few links to some online resources:

Dentures a New Smile

Denture Living

Dentures Forum (on Topix)

There are also many denture related groups on Facebook. Just type “dentures” in the search box, then select the “groups” tab.


Since starting my channel back in 2010, many other YouTubers have popped up, sharing their personal journeys with dentures. There are hundreds of hours of videos from real people of various backgrounds, all at different stages of the process, which can help give you an idea as to what the personal side of being a denture wearer is like. The comments section of these videos have become a great place to engage in discussion and share experiences with others who are seeking help and support.

Friends and family

After getting the confidence to discuss all of this with my husband and immediate circle of friends and family, they provided the most support and encouragement for me during my transition. They were the ones who were there to listen to me vent about my fears and concerns. They saw me through all of my pain, triumphs, challenges, all of it. I will never forget the morning of getting my extractions. My husband, who was getting ready to leave for work, gave me a big hug and kiss and said, “You have nothing to worry about. You’ve got this, you’ll do great. I love you.” Just knowing that my husband thought no different of me and loved me, teeth or no teeth, was huge encouragement to me. My sister drove me to my appointment and sat in the waiting room through the whole procedure. She drove me home, gave me my pain meds when I was too out of it. My parents came by and helped my husband with the kids. All of them took turns bringing me ice packs and soup, making sure I was okay. None of them thought any different of me. They were proud of my decision to take action. Though we never really discussed it, deep down, they knew the toll that my teeth had taken on me; on my appearance, my health, my mental and physical wellbeing. They knew that this was the one big thing that was holding me back in life and they were there through every step of the way to a better life for myself. Don’t be ashamed at reaching out to those who love you the most. In the end, they just want you to be healthy and happy.

I didn’t just lose my teeth; I lost many of the fears and feelings of isolation which had haunted me for so long. I lost the idea that everyone else is perfect and I was broken. I gained a new, beautiful smile, as well as a kind of confidence and feeling of empowerment that I never had before, with the help and support of friends, family, and strangers online.

Share your tips!

Where did you find your biggest support in your transition? Share your experiences in the comments, below!

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22 thoughts on “Finding Support as a Denture Wearer

  1. I want to go for denture. after reading this experience it gives me encouragement.

    I really appreciate and thanks for this.

    It is helping plenty of people who are scared for going through this process

    Once again sincere thanks and pl reply to my this msg and send me some more encouraging details.

    Regards Deepak

  2. I’m so overwhelmed and thankful I found one of your videos that led me here. Your story is my story, my thoughts, my fears, my anxiety about it all. I haven’t looked at my own teeth in 2 years. I’m paralyzed by embarrassment and stigma. But I have been starting to come around to the idea of starting this process. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For sharing your journey. I am in tears with relief. You have made me feel like I’m not alone, there are women I can identify with that have had the same struggle.

  3. Hi ive worn upper denture since age 21 ,,, now aged 63 , id wished I had support like this , im not keen on it at all but that’s me, and now want further implants done, ive two already, so if you have dental issues that make you unwell dentures can look lot better these days, Im in NZ aIso no matter where we are is all the same, for me that’s what I seek, for you if health issue look after your self first implants can be done later all be expensive same in my country, but can be done , take care..

  4. Wow, Nice post for helping us,! Its really helpful articles for us. Thaks for sharing us your useful advice. I hope many people may be helped by this post. One day I watch a TV show about Denture wearer on my smart TV. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Denture wearer offers a significant savings to patients who have had extractions and require an immediate denture. A permanent denture after healing is complete, and all the other services needed to help you adjust to wearing dentures for the first time. This will help you maintain a great smile and play a vital role in your health and quality of life. So to have your oral issues to be fixed you should contact a good periodontist who will understand value of your smile and do treatment as per requirement.

  6. I am a licensed denturist in the state of Idaho looking to share any knowledge I can with your community. I feel that educating and informing patients with the proper information can lead to a successful experience with dentures. Today there’re too many clinics focusing on the treatment plan that is best suited for their wallet and not what’s best for their patient. I let the treatment plan be dictated by what’s best for the patient even if that leads to less money for my clinic. I hope I can help any of you who have questions.

  7. I am soooo tired of dentist trying to shove implants down my throat. It’s a lucrative business that dentist capitalize to bring in big bucks. Prior to that it was root canals. I am about to leave an I been going to because a new dentist became very sarcastic because I said no to implants, then tried to tell me that a bridge for one tooth costs the same, $4,000.00.

  8. I got my dentures 3 days ago.. my immediate denture.. although I’m happy I finally did it.. I can’t even think about looking in the mirror without my teeth. I can’t imagine sleeping without them. Taking my denture out to wash them.
    The feeling of no teeth just freaks me out.. someone please tell me that feeling will go away and I’ll feel better . I’m still relatively young and I’ve never been married.. well somebody want me wearing dentures.. that is the big question.. I know I am more than just my teeth… But I am mourning the loss of my cheese

  9. I think I have become somewhat of an expert now that I am on my 2nd set of dentures – One very serious tip is the concern of bone loss if you leave your dentures out of your mouth for an extended time. Five years ago this coming January I got my first set of dentures after having all of my teeth pulled. Within 2 weeks of owning the dentures, the upper plate fell out of my mouth, because my dentures were not secured in (the top plate did not fit right at all, so the adhesive was useless and slid down my throat instead. I came into my son’s house and their dog was happy to see me and jumped up on me. I opened my mouth and the top plate fell to the floor and broke. A week or so later I was taking a nap in the day time on my bed and while sleeping, my bottom plate broke in half inside my mouth . I can’t even begin to stress how painful it was to wear both plates of dentures, and every denture adhesive I applied to hold the teeth in place did not work and I ingested all of the adhesive – so I resorted to not wearing my teeth at home and only put my dentures in when I went out in public – without the dental adhesive in place. Also, a hard bump formed on the top plate – which covered the entire roof of my mouth. This hard plastic against my top palate caused me to talk funny and when I had a cold, it was hard to breathe with this lump pushed against the roof of my mouth. Due to the broken dentures, it was hard to chew, so I ate without my teeth – avoiding social situations where I had to eat in public. For 5 years I went through social withdrawal – my self esteem was at it’s lowest point. I missed a 50 yr 8th grade class reunion because I felt embarrassed because of my smile. Here is the worst part of my story – I had no idea and nobody informed me that if I left my dentures out of my mouth for extended period of time, that my body would reabsorb the bone in my gum line and then there would be no jaw bone for my dentures to adhere to – my jaw bone almost totally disappeared. A few months ago I went back to my denturist and pleaded with him to put in a referral to my insurance for a new set of dentures (due to that fact they broke nearly 5 years ago and all the trouble I had with them. My insurance approved for a complete new set of dentures and the process to design them took off. One thing I made sure to ask the denturist is to remove the hard plastic that fits over the roof of the mouth – to drastically trim it so I have nothing touching the roof of my mouth – he did a great job in trimming away the hard material so that I can talk good and eat and breathe normal when I have a cold. At first I was discouraged because it took so long to design the dentures, to assure a proper fit (my denturist is a perfectionist and had to get all the measurements right (the size of the teeth, etc) – finally months later, a day after my 65th birthday I went in for the final fitting and was able to wear my new set of dentures home. My teeth look absolutely beautiful – I have gotten so many compliments – people saying the teeth look like my own set or that they thought I had dental implant surgery, because the teeth look so perfect and white. The new set of dentures looks so amazing and there is no bump to get in the way of my new awesomeness – new self confidence. My dentures stay in all day and night and I only remove them to clean and drink my morning coffee and eat breakfast, then the dentures go right back in. My denturist told me that 3 things stain my dentures (coffee, tea, and blueberry pie) so I drink my coffee each morning without my teeth in, I live alone, so I can do this. What happens to people wearing dentures is if you take your teeth out and leave them out, you are going to go through bone loss and adjustments often, to make the dentures fit right. My tip to offer to denture wearers is – leave your dentures in as long as you can each day and remove them to clean only – this way your dentures mold to the shape of your mouth and you have less time with fittings. One more thing – those denture cleaning solutions – the tabs to clean the dentures overnight – my denturist told me to stay away from using those, as the chemicals make the dentures brittle and can lead to breaking. I brush my teeth with Colgate toothpaste every day, twice a day and that is all that is needed. Make sure when you brush your dentures, that you also brush your entire mouth ( your gums – top and bottom, your tongue, and the roof of your mouth, then rinse your mouth with Listerine mouthwash before putting your dentures back in again. Enjoy your new smile

  10. It’s better than nothing but hard to get used to. Had a thyroid biopsy last week and if you ever have a medical procedure done, take them out. I’m into my second month and it’s not easy. They look nice but aren’t that functional. I did have them done at one of those cattle chute places though. Don’t go there. Get better insurance and see a local dentist. When I went in to get relined for the first time, in the chute next to me they dropped someone’s crown and couldn’t find it. By the time they got back to me the dentist was shaking so hard I’m surprised that even my uppers work. Find a good dentist before you do it.

  11. I had 14 teeth removed 3 days ago & dentures put in. I was to go back yesterday but we got our first big dump of snow & the Handy Dart which was yo take me, wouldn’t. Last night my mouth started hurting in some areas. I want to take the dentures out. Also ever since the procedure my stomach has been upset. Is that normal? I never have stomach aches.

  12. I am getting rest of teeth out 19 getting immediate dentures I’m terrified of recovery time and getting used to dentures any advice on how to be calm

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