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  1. Hi,
    My name is Sandy. I've worn an upper partial denture since I was in ninth grade. I'm now 53. Last year (while I was working and had dental insurance) I went to my dentist for a full upper denture. I do have to mention my bottom teeth are fine except I'm missing the back two teeth on both sides. Anyway, they made my dentures casually mentioning that I should have a bottom partial made but it was really no big deal because people have a tendency not to wear them anyway. So here it is a year later and they still don't fit. They have been religned at least 10 times. Finally they told me I needed to see a prosthedontist. I had an appointment last week and the prosthedonsit said I had extreme bone loss and with not having the back bottom teeth to support the dentures, a "regular" denture was never going to fit correctly. They suggested a partial lower denture as well as a new upper denture and the cost is $3,899.00. Talk about a rock and a hard place, I no longer have dental insurance. I ask my dentist for a possible refund so I could put that toward the new dentures and was told "no". So I have an appointment scheduled for next week, but I have to have half at that appointment and the other half when I receive the dentures and I have no idea how I'm going to come up with the money. The good thing however, is the dentures I have no look nice even though they move all over my mouth. I found your video's on youtube about cushion grip and so far that has been my saving grace. Anyway I still have a week to come up with a plan.

  2. Thank you for taking the time and making these videos and this web site it has been very informative (and quite brave of all of you). I have often felt that having a very difficult problem with the appearence of my teeth was something I was just stuck with. I felt VERY alone.

    When my adult teeth came in they were very dicolored and kind of weak from recieving tetracycline at a young age. As a kid and teenager I never reaaly smiled, now as someone that is 41 I have to do something as the deterioration of my uppers have come to a pretty critical juncture.

    After going to the dentist yesterday I was told it will take about $12,000 to fix my uppers with bridges and crowns. The price is awful and I am afraid that in a fe years if it doesn't take the I have thrown away 12K (that I didn'T have) for nothing.

    The thought of dentures SCARES ME TO DEATH.
    Can you eat normaly? Talk Normaly?

    The prospect of SMILING, COMUNICATING, and not being DISCOUNTED by others sounds so good.

    any feedback would be appreciated

  3. In Britain we have the National Health Service (NHS) and I have just had 10 visits to the dentist, to have extractions, and finally a top denture.

    Cost is just £260, thanks to the NHS !! It was a nightmare, but not too expensive :)

  4. I'll add that talking is a little strange; the tongue has to learn new gymnastics, but I reckon it should adapt pretty quickly. Eating works OK, so long as no hard stuff like nuts or toast.

  5. Those foods will get easier to eat with time. It seems like it took me forever to eat peanuts again but I can eat them just fine now=) Congrats!

  6. Thanks for sharing your journey online. It is helping me to make the choice about which path I'm going to take with my teeth!

  7. Just want to say you have been a real comfort to me in the last week, I'm only 33 and had to get dentures nearly a week ago, I felt like my life was over then I came across your videos. And it was amazing I felt like I'm not the only young person in this position. Do you secure your teeth everyday? Cause as you can imagine talking and eating are a little difficult at he moment and when I watch your videos it all seems so natural for you! Omg and you eating the snickers and Cheetos that seems like it will never happen for me as I've been living on mashed potatoes soup and milkshakes! Sending love fom Australia. Those implants are yours girl.

  8. My name is Jennifer and I got my dentures 6 days ago. I can barley eat with them without feeling like its hard to swallow due to this plate that goes half way down my throat. I haven't been wearing the bottoms because they wont stay in. I am super scared to glue them in, even tho I have the powder stuff. I have had a horrible time with my gag reflux, I am doing much better with keeping the tops in but I have to take them out to eat soft foods. I can not wait until I can eat a big slice of pizza and a potato chip again. I can't help but feel discouraged with this. I am impatient and I have come to realize that I have to give it time. It's just really hard. Should I glue these huge bottom dentures in? They float around my mouth.

  9. I just saw your video and found your blog. As I kid I took care of my teeth as we all do but after numerous visits to the dentist and having teeth filled and root canals throughout my teens and twenties since I started not going to the dentist everything got worse. Overall I have all my top with exception of a few which made the small gap I had between my teeth larger and all my bottom teeth except the front and a few in the back are gone. I don't smile and can't eat nuts or hard candies he'll I can barely get by eating soft foods. Right now since I lost my job I have no insurance but I feel confident that dentures are the only way I will be able to smile with confidence and enjoy foods I once loved. Once I get back my feet I am running to affordable dentures and getting it done. Thanks for sharing your videos as they have given me hope that I can be able to smile with confidence and have no shame about wearing dentures.

  10. I am 29 years old and have an upper denture. I can talk just fine and eat anything I want. Good luck to you!

  11. Voted for you…glad you won..I had to get an upper denture at age 57. I understand all of your fears about the whole ordeal you are about to undergo….When listening to your video on Youtube about your fears I felt like I was listening to myself…I share your fears…we are a funny bunch with our fears aren't we…I am 59..recently widowed & would love to get implants myself but that will have to wait for sometime..I will follow your adventure and Pray all your fears are unfounded & you come thru beautifully…Perhaps someday I too will have the chance to get implants but in the meantime I will enjoy the fact that I can smile, eat and feel good about myself with my denture….I too will "DEAL WITH THEM",,Good Luck ..keep posting…P.S. Love your outlook on life…you have a good head on your shoulders….Virginia

  12. Hi! My name is Amy and Im 32 and facing having to get a full set of dentures. I was researching some on the internet and came across your youtube videos and wanted to say thank you! You have given me more comfort in my decision to go ahead with getting them. As you mention in some of your videos it is very emotional and one feels like they are the only one going through this type of thing. I never had any dental issues until I was pregnant with my first child and had my first cavity filled when he was 4 months old. He is only five now and this is very devastating to consider. But I really appreciate your videos and the strength, comfort and support you offer to others! Thanks!

  13. I was watching your videos and you said you lived in Florida. I live in Florida who did your amazing looking dentures, afforadale dentures seems to be a nightmare.

  14. I turned 22 last month & im a female.. my first appointment with a periodontist is in three days. I already know I will need prostetic teeth because my gums have receded & from grinding my teeth they are all chipped, shorter on the left side of my jaw And don't fit together properly anywhere when i close my mouth. For most of my childhood i lived with only my mother and she stopped taking me to the dentist around the time i finished losing my baby teeth. My father is back in my life now being very supportive but my mother says to stop being dramatic. I don't know how to make her realize how much this is taking a toll on me physically And mentally. I'm also very nervous about dating after this is all done.. how will I know when And how to tell anyone? Is kissing the same? What happens when i do meet someone & have to take them out infront of him for the first time ?I've never had nice straight white teeth. Now I'm asking myself what's less attractive to men crooked teeth or fake teeth in someone my age…

  15. I had my dentures for two years and never took them out in front of my husband. The only time he has seen me without is recently when I got the implants, I went without teeth for a day LOL! I had a mask on in public but in front of him in the hotel I absolutely released all inhibitions. I was sore and slightly uncomfortable and didn't want to spend the day breathing my hot breath into a mask LOL!

    To answer your question, from everyone I have asked (from people I know to random strangers at bars, no joke) hands down, people would prefer clean, pretty dentures over bad teeth ANY DAY. Bad teeth as in teeth that have been confirmed by a dentist that they need to be removed. Think about it. Think about the hottest male actor you can think of. Would you find him any less attractive if you found out his teeth were dentures? Now, what if his teeth started breaking away and rotting, how hott is that?

    This is a good screening tool for dating. You want someone who is in it for the long haul. In the grand scheme of things, there will be many trials and tribulations. MANY. Not just one or two. MANY. You want someone who will help you through those times, not add to your problems. If a guy can't handle that your teeth are not "real", then he is not the guy for you. You can't change it. There really are guys who will accept you and your dentures. I promise you that. Those are the guys you want. All the other guys can bask in their superficiality right up until they start balding and developing man boobs. You will find a good guy. Just filter out all the bad ones.

  16. Hi, I'm 27 years old and went to the dentist for the first time in 15 years because of an abscessed tooth. I had an exam and xray and was quoted 10,000 – 15,000 worth of Dental work which I could NEVER afford. My teeth weren't the greatest to begin with but with two back to back pregnancies and one of them being twins things worsened quickly. About a week after than I was still having pain from the abcsess and had some salty taste that kept draining for the tooth, so I decided to get that one extracted atleast. It's been about a week since I had it pulled, and I still have extreme headaches and a lot of sinus pressure. Did any of your teeth problems cause you anxiety? I have it all the time now and keep thinking that my infection is spreading and that it's going to kill me! Would you possibly mind sharing how much it cost for you to have all your teeth extracted and get your immediate dentures? The dentist said Im better off saving my teeth but could never afford it, I want to know if I may possibly be able to go the denture route. Im scared Ill never be able to do anything and its affecting me so much it's hard taking care of my 14 month old and 8 week old twins.

  17. I am checking around.Prices and materials dentures are made of. So affordable dentures looks the cheapest. Any feed back on them? And Porcelain. Plastic and acrylic are the options. Which ones are a better choice. Connfused in Washington State

  18. I am 42 years old. I am two weeks out with upper and lower dentures. All teeth where pulled the same day (around 28). Still can't eat with the dentures in. How long did it take for you to start eating with the dentures? I can't even eat soft foods with them in. Everything seems to go under them…they feel too big for my mouth. I have been back once for her to work on the top…pushed my upper lip out too far and still does some. Bottom left side feels higher than the right side…just so ready to eat some real food and get my life back.

  19. Are they loose? If they are loose that's the first thing that needs to be fixed. If they are not loose, you may just need some practice. Try practicing with adhesives at first so you can get the motion down without worrying about food getting lodged under there. Once you master eating things (chicken, eggs, fish, etc) with the adhesive and understand how to chew with your new dentures, try practicing without adhesive. It is a learned skill, honestly. I use Fixodent powder adhesive but others swear by a product called Secure. I think I read you can order it online. I hope that helps?

  20. I didn't have such a great experience with them. But since this is a chain, it varies by location. As for materials I supposed my dentist and I had a don't ask don't tell policy LOL! I just had acrylic dentures and they worked very well for me. I am not sure which is better.

  21. I want to tell you how amazing a person I think you are. I am 52, and was told last year that I need to get dentures. I was devastated. I felt like my life was over, like now I would be an old lady, like I had no future. It is silly, and whiny, so many people have more difficult trials in their lives, how dare I feel so sorry for myself about this, but I did. Then I found you through the contest link on Dr. Golpa's website.

    You have shared everything, and it has made it so much easier to face. You don't sugar coat it, you show us the bad days as well as the good ones, and it always gets better. You give me the confidence to go through all of this myself. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for sharing all of your experiences and I am so glad you won the contest-you deserve it. You paid it forward, by helping so many people with your video's and your blog.

  22. Hi Kristi,My name is Cindy I am 42 yrs old and I got my first set of dentures last Wed,I have dealt with bad teeth for twenty yrs..My problems were extent too,fillings in every tooth,caps were leaking,all my back teeth were gone by the time I was 30yrs old.I had 17 teeth left and they were all front teeth and they were rotting too.I had a heart attack when I was 35 years old and 39 yrs old,I was so relieved when I had these teeth pulled out of my mouth..I was thinking on heart was relieved too… I have upper and lower dentures,and looking into the future for another set..The worse thing about this is that I had a lot of infection in my mouth and it had moved to my chin,I had awakened to a bump on my and of course it messed with it and it did not go away for four yrs,I had been to the Doctor with it and it was not cancerous in anyway,so she recommended me to a dermatologist,until one friday morning I woke up with a tooth ache,an it was a very front tooth that had been broken off to the gum and it was infected I had come to realize that it was into my chin also..Of course I had went to the Doctor and it was so..antibiotics..Today people who I thought were my friends were making fun of me,yes I have a bit of speech problem,buts it better than infection eating my face up.I feel as though these people were never my friends in the begin with..I want thank you,I'm glad I ran across your youtube video…thank you for the hope and the inspiration…Cindy

  23. Thank you for this site! I haven't smiled in years. I sit here typing in pain because of my awful teeth. I am so tired of the on and off pain. I have made the decision to get dentures. I broke down today and told my husband that I wanted to get dentures and he was so supportive.

  24. Questions on the new bridges:
    How do you clean between the teeth and your gums?
    Did you take a bite of an apple like the show in other videos?
    Would you do it again?
    There is no "roof of the mouth" with those is there?
    Did you gain the taste of food back?
    Does food still get under them like pieces the size of coarse pepper?

    Sorry for all the questions, lol 😉 maybe you can add these to the FAQ

    I have had my "smile" for just over a year now and you were a pivotal person in my deciding to go through with it all. Your videos are sincere, to the point and extremely honest and helpful. Thank you for being so brave in sharing your experiences!!

  25. Hi Traci! Great questions!

    I have a very involved cleaning process that I plan on showing everyone in video in the next few weeks. But to get the food out under the bride, I use a Waterpik. Mouthwash gets rid of anything that is left behind. I've attempted floss that goes under the bridge but haven't gotten the hang of it yet.
    I could have bitten into an apple the next day but it would have been painful since I had my gums cut open and stitched back together. I can definitely bite into one now! (Maybe I should put this on video, too haha)
    I would definitely do it again. The stability alone makes it all worth it.
    Nothing covering the palate, which is refreshing. I actually tasted food pretty well with dentures so i'm probably not the best person to ask this lol. Though having my palate exposed is a plus, I guess:-)
    Yes food gets under these but I need a reline so that should help. Then, only small particles should make their way under.

    I am very happy about my implants and am grateful to have had the opportunity to get them. I would recommend them to anyone. It really does take a lot of fuss out of daily life that one deals with when wearing dentures. Hope this helps!

  26. I am currently going to Dr. Bradley Hall in Mandarin, Fl. Just got a new set of dentures last month and getting adjusted to them, and then the process of getting the implants will begin. I'm really nervous and excited all in one.

    Like you Kristi, growing up, dental care was not in our family and bad bone density and soft teeth run in the family. At the age of 30 I was told by my oral surgeon all my teeth had to come out, there was no hope for any of them…I cried like a baby but knew it had to be done. I also had some bone graphing done at that time.

    After the surgery he put in (what I learned later) temporary plates, the bottom plate did not even contain ANY back teeth on them and told me I only had to come back if I ever had any issues….I kept that plate for 17 years, until I finally went in to Dr. Hall.

    With the plate I had in, you couldnt even tell I had anything on top as the teeth were so small. Now, I LOVE my smile. Although I still do not feel 100% confident due to knowing at any moment they could float while Im talking, or like the other night, attach themselves to the hot dog I was biting on and come out…. EMBARRASSING….

    Like you, in 17 years, my hubby has never seen me without my plates in.

    I may have to have some bone graphing done, I pray I dont, but I do have severe to moderate bone loss both upper and lower…. and after watching your videos and reading your updates, I look forward to it. You have really lit a POSITIVE feeling up within me and I cant wait until the day I can smile really big and and be able to YAWN really big and not worry about my teeth falling out! LOL!

    Yes, do bite on an apple for us…. just the thought of that makes me quiver….what about ribs? Have you had them yet?

    Does it hurt when food particles get stuck under there?

  27. Please assess your situation carefully. Find the money and save as many teeth as you can. You will not regret it. Having dentures isn't great for everyone and also ages you more quickly. For some people it really is the best idea and much better but please weigh your options carefully!

  28. Kristi… thank you…I am 37 and enduring this and I must be honest…I wanted my teeth to outlive me…not because I didn't want beautiful or at least just adequate teeth but when dentists are such suckers as is many businesses we rely our health on…the cost is why…nothing else…I am pissed off as a tax payer that my health is not equated or correlated with health…my teeth have killed me…and its been a slow death…health care needs to measure dental care in women essential….if I am addicted to meth with 2 kids I get 2000 from our government so why when I look in the mirror and witness my death is it not a factor….my teeth tell me im sick…

  29. Im 27 and after watching your videos and reading some blogs, im gonna let go and gear towards dentures. id love to get the all on 4, but id say its probably out of my price range. Anything would be better then what i live with now, a rotted mess. I cant smile in any pictures or even feel comfortable smiling in front of my girlfriend. Thanks for taking your time to help others!!

  30. Hi My name is Heather I'm 55 I have watched all your video's and have helped me quit a lot. I was told a few months ago that I have to get dentures and I'm scared to death. As like you my parents did'nt take me to the dentist when i was younger and I am scared to go near them. My husband found this great dentist that makes you feel like a person not a thing and I really like him. Anyway I have an appointment the 17th of next month to get this done.thank you for your help

  31. Hey this is so true my husband has been be my side through all of this even when i have been at my worst mad at the world at him just because i'm mad at myself for not doing this earlier.

  32. Thank you for posting your story! I had upper dentures put in when i was 33 and I have to say I was able to adjust quite easy. They wore sore for about a week to two weeks after I did that. I am now 38 and I was tring to spend tons of money on them because I just didnt want to give them up. I just had my bottom teeth extracted this afternoon! I have the bottom temp put in today and I am very sore. I just wanted to thank you for putting up these videos. I am looking forward to getting my implants. I live in Tampa.

  33. Hi, I live in Tampa, and I just had all of my bottom teeth extracted today and had my temp denture put in. I was nervous about having this done, but i wanted to thank you for putting out these videos to let us younger people know that we are not the only people going through this. I have had a upper perm denture for about 3 years now and adjusted to it quite well, I am just nervous about how it will stay in. It is very sore now! I am looking forward to getting dental implants in the future. You look amazing by the way, they did a really fantastic job.

  34. If you are getting implants, you would be find eating an apple. I have to be honest, I have never ate an apple when I had my dentures, but I have had an apple and ribs with my implants. I have never taken my dentures out when I had them, I would have been so embarrassed if my husband ever saw them. Hope this helps, Kelly in Brooksville, Florida

  35. I finely got my dentures in about a month ago Had a few problems with them with the sore spots but that is getting better.I still can,t chew hard stuff yet but hopping that will come. When are u meant to get a reline done as they are starting to move a lot but my dentist has,nt said anything about it. I have implants under my denture wondering if that is the reason he has,nt done the reline. Thanks again for your video,s the have made this much easier for me. Keep them coming.

  36. My husband has been by my side through all my appointments all my mood changes He just holds my close and tells me everything will turn out right love him so much

  37. Just got my denture a month ago I,m still trying the eating thing, never had a problem with the speech I like the way i look now.I can smile again. Good luck

  38. Wow, the stories on here are incredibly inspiring. My dentist told me to look into getting dentures and I'm only 32 years old. I've been living in Canada with my husband while he is on temporary work and Calgary dentures is looking like the best option. I just feel so nervous but these stories are making me a lot less scared.

  39. I am wondering how to eat with dentures I got mine 2 months ago and still finding it hard to eat normal food I have lost so much weight that the doctor has said I cant lose much more. I have tried and tried but the bottom ones just keep on moving that it just puts me right off food I just stick to the soft foods that i know want move my denture around. So please could some one out there let me know how they do it I,am getting so depressed about this PLEASE HELP

  40. Just watched your videos. Gives me hope… My extractions/dentures day is oct 1st 2013 been a long time coming I'm super excited but yet very nervous I don't want to have problems and need adjustments all the time. I just want to wake up with a new pretty smile. I have to wear the temps for 6 months while my jaw adjusts then I get my permanent ones. I have no other health problems just I inherited soft bad teeth. I cant wait for that WHITE smile. Oh wait I cant wait to smile again. So many people tell me to smile and I don't . so i'm looking forward to that day…. Question!!! I am having 12 extractions will have full upper and partial lower and they will be putting the new teeth in the day of surgery. How painful is the healing process??? I have zero pain tolerance.

  41. My father wasn't able to afford dentures so we looked around for financing. He couldn't get credit from almost every place we tried until we finally go financing through Denture Financing ( Just wondering if there are other options so we can compare rates, options, etc.

  42. Nic, you will love your new dentures. I am 32 years old and got my dentures in Calgary and I can finally show off my smile without being self cautious. I hope you are able to feel comfortable with them and gain that feeling of beauty from within too. Best wishes to you!

  43. I got my dentures 2 months ago. The first few days were the worst for me then the sore spots but they didn't last to long after the dentist fixed them.I have upper and lower the top are no problem but cant say much for the lower ones. not sore just cant get them to stay still. But it is all worth it just to smile again I can show my teeth in pictures now something I haven't done in years.

    nturs 2 months ago

  44. Hi Kristi , my name is Sally,I have had my dentures for one month,I have been back to my dentist many times! for him to adjust them,the bottom ones are a not the best as seems to be usual, and I am having problems eating and lost a lot of weight. Due to bone loss, my dentist advises me to go ahead and get the implant supported ones as soon as possible. I was going to wait til early next year, but he wants to put the two titanium posts on the bottom in two weeks, I wanted a break from dental work. Reading your pros and cons, I feel I should go ahead as he says while I have enough bone it will be better for me and prevent any more loss of bone wearing these full full dentures. Your information has helped me so much, and removed my fear of implants, I need to make a decision by next week, I am nervous though, you seem very happy with yours, a few words from you would help me a lot as they always do, you are a great support, from australia, thank you.

  45. So, I am pretty sure that we are the same woman. The difference in our story is that you were brave enough to do it at 26. I have known since 21 that it was a lost cause, but I drove myself bat shit crazy with worry. I am now 34 and should have gone through with it at 26 but refused. Now, I have one tooth in the front. I am so embarrassed. I cry all the time and I am broke. So thank you for HOPE. I can do this. I will do this. Not sure where the money will come from but I do believe in miracles. :)

  46. Thank you Kristi,
    I was searching around the web looking for anyone who was like me and wasnt so much scared of the dentist as the dentures.
    I only require a partial upper, but Ive been putting it off because in my head dentures were only for crackheads and old people. Until I found your page I honestly thought I was alone.

    I suffer from GAD and depression so this has really been a blow to me.
    If you see this, I'd love to know how you built up the courage to walk into that dentist and have the extractions done. This is my biggest hurdle. Not because it hurts, ive had wisdom teeth removed and I handle it fine.. but because then its real, there is no going back.

    If anyone else can even just link the video that is most relevant to this?

  47. I've just watched your first videos and I feel like you were telling my life like it were your own. I'm 8 weeks away from having all my teeth pulled and your video makes me excited to have all my teeth out, no matter the physical pain as you've reinforced to me that I will be on my way to happiness and healthiness to not have to feel ashamed to look at people or smile at them. I am 35 so I wish I'd done it younger as I've gone on a VERY long time with low self esteem. I look forward to finding confidence and your videos are going to inspire me more as I watch through them.

  48. First off let me say your beautiful! :) And your videos have been a big help to me.
    I'm a 32 year woman and I HATE my smile. I have had problems with my teeth for as long as I can remember. And I've had enough!
    After watching your videos along with many others, and a lot of reading on the subject, I have decided to get dentures. However I seem to have come to a dead end already. The dentists I see wont give me dentures. They say I'm to young or that I need implants. Even after saying there is no way I can afford implants, I'm still turned away. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I don't know where to even start now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  49. Kristi, thanks for all the blogs. You've helped me so much. I'm about to see Dr. Golpa next week. They want a down payment to secure the surgery date. I'm hesistant to give any money upfront. This feels like a scam. Is Dr. Golpa legit? Please help ASAP! Thanks.

  50. i just got full upper dentures put in this past monday at 57. ive had problems for years with my teeth. right now i'm learning how to talk and am pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. especally since i'm divorced and would like to start dating but i'm afraid of the whole intimacy thing. i feel myself heading toward depression. anyone feel the same or can anyone help me see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel?

  51. Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with their dentures as in having the feeling to gag out of the blue after wearing them for a while or just a few minutes after inserting them. Ihave had my dentures for almost 2 years now first set was temporary and 2nd set are the perms. Even with the perms i sometimes out of the blue start gagging to the point of having to vomit. :(

  52. Have you had your dentist check this out? Sometimes the denture extends back a little too far and hits that soft palate. A loose fitting denture will cause more problems than one that is fitting well. A simple fix, if this is the problem, would be to get a reline and have the dentist shave off a very slight amount of the back to he denture. What has your dentist said? Gagging is awful!

  53. I am 66 and just got dentures. It was my fault. As a dental-phobic I just avoided the dentist like the plague. I used to smoke. I knew I had gum disease, but just thinking about dental work made me shake. Finally, I lost one of my front teeth, and the dentist was inevitable. I had the upper extractions on Feb. 12th. The lowers were supposed to be done at the same time, but my BP sky-rocketed and they had to stop the procedure. The lowers were done on Feb. 21st.

    I guess I'm getting used to the uppers, but the lowers are a challenge. I went back to my dentist 3 times for adjustments, and finally I can put them in without real pain. He wanted to do a soft realign, but the product has a minty flavor, and I have a very severe allergy to anything mint or menthol. I have an appointment on March 24th for a hard realign.

    Eating is an adventure. As of now, I don't seem to have a chewing position at all. I'm also having real movement problems on my bottoms. It's comforting to know I'm not alone, but I am depressed and I know it.

    I'm a high school teacher. I missed all this week, but am going back to work on Monday. I'm a bit scared. Any and all advice would be great. I'm still trying to believe that I'll live a normal life and be able to eat again some day soon.

  54. Hello,
    Thank you for all your posts. I've found them so helpful and informative as I am less than one week with my immediate dentures. I had all my remaining top teeth (9) pulled and had a full top and partial bottoms. My heeling has been really good for me; I have no pain or discomfort. I'm able to speak better each day. I still seem to have a slight lisp in my speech. My main dislike is my top gum protrudes out so far that it doesn't look like my natural look. When I smile, it's all teeth. Can this be corrected by my dentist? I'm scheduled to see him this week for my first reline and this really scares me that I won't have the smile I use to have.


  55. I am 57 and am in the middle of the all on 4 procedure. Actually had the surgery, extractions and implants done Jan 30, 2014 and this is March 4, so about a month into it. I have my temporary teeth in now. They sit more forward than I think they should. My question is 'the gap'. And you probably know exactly what I am talking about. If I were to smile really big, a person can see the gap between the bridge and my gum. I'm hoping this will be fixed. Did you have this issue as your gums healed from the implants. OR maybe because you had no teeth, you didn't have the gum swelling I experienced. Also cleaning these bridges is hard. I brush with a sonicare, then floss with a threader, then I use a waterpic. Then rinse with a prescription medication, then have to brush the teeth again to make sure the rinse doesn't stain the white part of the teeth. It is a full 20 minute procedure.

  56. Kalin, thank you so much for your videos. I'm to scheduled to have all of my teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Your videos is helping me cope with the anxiety of the upcoming procedure. You look absolutely FABULOUS. I thank God for you and your story. May God ccontinue to Bless you. THANKS Again!! **CPink**

  57. Hi Kalin. My name is Brian, I'm the Office Manager for Walter Tickner DDS. I've been working on expanding our online presence by blogging, social media, etc. I came across your page and it's an excellent resource. I would LOVE to share this with our patients, if that's ok with you. I look fwd to hearing from you soon.

  58. Exploring your videos and this website has been very helpful. I am 55 years old and just had all my upper teeth removed 3 days ago. The facial swelling is still a problem and I am hoping I am not proving sensitive to the acrylic liner, but I went to a local denture chain (Natural Dentures in Eugene Oregon) who I had heard good things about and so far they have been helpful.

    In my case, my teeth were essentially well-rooted in my healthy gums but they were completely worn down to the gum line in the front. As a child, I lived in a very stressful home environment and had to endure years of incest by my step-father between age 11 and 15. Back in the late '60's early '70's no one ever talked about incest or sexual abuse. I left home at 15 to get away from something I couldn't even talk about. Unbeknownst to me, I just ground my teeth everynight.

    My family didn't go to dentists unless there was some serious tooth decay so I never even realized I was grinding my teeth away until I had dental insurance for the first time. When I went in to get my wisdom teeth extracted the dentist was shocked at how damaged by teeth were from bruxing. His hygienist told me that I had the teeth of an 80 year-old. I was only 19. I went home and cried.

    When I was thirty-one, I was a student and a newly divorced mom of one so I went to a dental college for a cheap night guard. The instructors took one look at my ground down teeth and asked if they could take pictures for the text books. Who knows how many dentists out there have seen my teeth. lol.

    Over the years I chewed through night guards, even ones reinforced with metal. I tried hynosis, and what worked best was actually chewing on a small piece of gum. I eventually learned not to brux but it was too late to salvage my teeth.

    Since my gums were healthy I always held out hoping that I would find a way to pay for extensive restoration but more exploration and orthodontic consults convinced me that my only affordable options were dentures or maybe implants.

    Since I have had no enamal on those teeth for several years, the nerve endings have been constantly exposed. So it has been this constant pain that convinced me that I just had to do this.

    There is a part of me that is still finding it hard to believe that I don't have my teeth anymore. I asked to keep them and when I looked them over I could see that they were so badly worn. I still have pain in the bottom 4 across the front and have decided to have those 4 pulled and have a bridge of small teeth put in so that I can keep my bottom canines and the molars. The dentist agrees that this would work and they will accomodate this decision by making the teeth on the bridge extra short to match the molars. I can't wait to get this done but I have to save another $4,000. I look forward to the day that the pain stops.

    Your videos have reminded me that so many people have to make this choice (to get dentures) for so many reasons. Thank you for sharing your story with such candor. You make this difficult transition feel like something I can just get through and then get on with my life.

    Blessings to you Kristi, and to your spouse and those 4 kiddos of yours. I hope they will come to realize as they grow up that they have a mom they can be proud of.

  59. After reading all of the comments and stories I just wanted to ask a question. My dentist doesn't believe in giving opiate pain meds and doesn't believe in sedation or tranquilizers for full mouth extractions, It seems most EVERYONE who went through this process had at LEAST one of those lol. I had 28 teeth pulled with just the novocain, and then went home with 800mg Ibuprofen which I ended up using over the counter instead I didnt want to wait for them to fill the script I NEEDED it immediately lol. BUT after using just that I realized I didnt need the script the OTC worked just fine. So I am not complaining about how she does things just think she may be the only one and wanted to know if this was the case for anyone else?!?

  60. Hi, I'm new here and I need some feedback. Any would be much appreciated. I've always been terrified of dentists due to some painful dental experiences in my childhood years. As a teen, my phobia got worse…to a point where I actually got banned from most of the dental offices in our area. To make a long story short, I neglected my teeth and it really showed. I constantly got teased and laughed at for having such horrible looking teeth. By the time I reached my 30's, most of my teeth have fallen out and rotted. Almost like a smoker's teeth…but I never smoked in my life. Anyways, it wasn't till a couple of years ago until I discovered that my body was weakening due to all the poison in my mouth…the infection, gum disease, dirty blood, pus, etc… The doctors advised I go to the dentist immediately to have my situation taken care for health reasons. I knew I had no choice but to face my fears…if I wanted to continue living. However, I just couldn't kick my phobia. Last year, I started meditating to help me gain some courage. It worked and I finally went to the dentist. I decided to have all my teeth pulled out and get a full set of dentures. It took a lot from me but I did it. Yesterday, after all the adjustments made to perfect my dentures, I was finally able to take them home. Somehow as I left the dental office with my dentures in my mouth, I felt awkward. I felt as if I was a fake and I was deceiving people with my new dentures. I kind of felt bad. I'm not sure why I felt this way. Then as I approached my home, I had this flashback of when I first brought home my child from the hospital after giving birth to her. Not sure why that happened as well. I was told it would take a lot of getting used to. I also do not remember how to smile as I have not smiled in over 30 years. I bit my tongue several times while talking and when I coughed, I almost lost my lower dentures. They looked great but I had a mouthful so to speak. I skipped supper because I wasn't ready to try eating with them yet. Then just before bedtime, I removed them and placed them in water as my dentist instructed. As I removed them, I was completely grossed out. I gagged and puked out of disgust. Again, I don't know why. I was kind of relieved to put them away though. That entire ordeal drained me. This morning, I was going to put them on. I looked at them and I just couldn't touch them. I'm terrified of them. I don't understand why I'm feeling this way. I'm very upset when I should really be happy. Can anyone explain what is going on with me?

  61. Hi–my older sister sent me this Web site URL today. I'm so glad she did.

    I'm a 59-year-old woman, and I live outside of Syracuse, NY. I have really bad gum disease, plus bone loss. I've already lost five teeth. I haven't seen a dentist regularly in over 30 years–I didn't have dental insurance at many of my jobs, and I also have a terrible fear of dentists: I had a tooth knocked out, and one chipped, by a thrown rock when I was in fifth grade. I can remember screaming bloody murder in the dentist's chair (and probably scaring patients in the waiting room); subsequently, I had a temporary front tooth on a removable bridge put in, and the chipped bottom tooth was capped. Eventually, I had a permanent tooth put in, attached to a neighboring tooth.

    Now, my gums are swollen, and they sometimes bleed when I brush my teeth. When I finally got dental insurance, I went to a local dentist who advertised on TV. I didn't like their chairside manner: for one thing, when the anathestic needle was stuck into my jaw, the tech dug it INTO the jaw–and I freaked out in the chair, crying. I only went to this office, once. And that was two years ago.

    Last week, my older sister and I visited an out-of-town dentist, who also advertises on local TV. He only does dental implants. After looking at my x-rays, he concluded that ALL my teeth have to come out. But implants are out of the question for me, financially: this dentist charges over $20,000 for both uppers and lowers! So it'll be dentures for me.

    Trouble is: there are only a handful of dentists in my area that accept my insurance. It's part of a Medicare Supplemental Insurance package. But dentures are all I can really afford.

    Finding a good and compassionate dentist is SO hard. And it's frustrating, too.

  62. I saw your video as I'm thinking of having an implant done, and that led me to you! Thank you for putting yourself out there with such a poignant story, that took strength and courage to help others. You have a beautiful smile and a beautiful spirit to match, I should be so lucky to find someone such as yourself. Good job!

  63. I have small pieces of bones coming from my gums and they hurt I guess they are working there way out is there any thing I can do to speed up the progress of this?

  64. I had all my teeth pulled I made 4 trips to his office and he has never give me nothing but Novocain, but also like you I only took motrin OTC and was ok it helped my pain.

  65. WOW- thank you for this website. I am no where near needing dentures (hopefully never will get to that point) but just had one implant done at the age of 23 and have naturally very small teeth which are covered by veneers. I felt so alone but this website shows me I am not (and others are way worse off). I respect ANYONE who has to deal with these dental issues.

  66. Hi, Kristi!
    You are one brave girl to talk about dentures first and then the implants. I like you started the same adventure in 2010 duntures. I have been dealing with permanent arch replacement for 18 months I started with 16 implants. I lost one one the top two weeks ago. From a sinus infection. So now I have 9 on top and 6 on the bottom. I just got my permanent bottom placed 2 wks ago. Porcelain. It's very nice. We are waiting on my final top to be made. It has been a long journey for me as my dentist wanted to make sure if I had implant failure I could still have my teeth with out more surgery. And yes this route was quite expensive 16 implants and two porcelain arches. The work is guaranteed from implant failure to bridge failure for the rest of my life. I only must pay for cleaning. We went through several prototypes of temporary arch bridges because for the price of a Mercedes I wanted it to feel like real teeth in my mouth nothing bulky and easy to clean and floss. I still after 18 months have questions and some answers for others like you do. I think you rock girl! I am 54 yrs old. Have crowned and tried to save my teeth but with genetic and smoking and sodas and sweets my teeth still didn't hold up! Thanks for all you try to do informing other people.

  67. Kristi, you are amazing, I just watched your video the one in which you show the picture of your orginal teeth in comparison with your new dentures, I thank you for the inspiration and insight that you shared with us for me especially it was just what I needed after looking in the mirror dentures out and really being negative about myself….. I have been wearing a partial for about a year now and it helped me to gain back my smile however I need to have further partials and maybe even eventually full dentures but Hey life is for living I'm still here to tell the tale me my partials and some of my original teeth lol….. people let's stop worrying about the wrong things and being ashamed regain your smile your laughter & your joy…. TAKE THAT STEP forward increase your confidence get your groove on x Kristi your dentures look ….. work it gurll THANK YOU X

  68. This is a great blog, lots of people dont really want others to know they have dentures, so its gives an opportunity to discuss living with denture. Thanks for doing this its very needed. Its time to do away with the stigma of dentures and just smile !

  69. I am no where near requiring dentures (hopefully never ever will obtain to that factor) however merely had actually one dental implant done at the age of 23 and also have normally quite little teeth which are covered by veneers. I really felt so alone however this site shows me I am not (and others are way even worse off).

  70. I want to thank you for sharing your journey. You helped me to make the decision to go ahead and get my teeth done. When I saw your results and how old you were I said to myself you can do this. I have been dealing with this issue since I was a child. My greatest fear was getting a bad job done. I am currently going to NYU dental here i NYC. I had my extractions done in Sept. Then I had to have an alvioplasty. I am currently getting my impressions done and choosing teeth and color. You have helped me enormously and continue to do so through this process. I can't wait to finally get my dentures. God bless you and yours. Theresa

  71. I love this site , and often refer my younger patients to read your story. It can be helpful for them to see what good things can become from dentures and that there is no need to be worried about losing anything at all

  72. Thank you for this blog. Because of this blog, I've found Dr. Davis and I'm starting my journey. I know that it will be a forever process and I'm ready for it.

  73. Terrified that my 4 upper implants will fail! Only 3 weeks into it so far. When do you know the implants "took" and all is successful?

  74. Got my dentures today, and I am in love with them. Can’t stop taking selfies ever since. I haven’t smiled in 15 years. I’m so happy. Thank you Kristi, now we look alike. haha,just kidding, but I do have the same style as yours. I love it.

  75. I had my Eday 8-21-15 and still have my immediate dentures, as my gums keep shrinking and I don’t want to waste money on my perms until the gums quit shrinking. I have to say that Kristi is an inspiration. Before I made the decision to have the extractions of all remaining uppers, I researched, researched, researched (am a paralegal, so that’s what I do!). Kristi’s youtube channel gave me the courage to finally face my options and go for broke. I look forward to eventually getting the all-on-four. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t stumbled upon Kristi’s videos. Namaste, Kalinjax!

  76. @Judi
    I don’t think Kristi fully understands what a big inspiration she is. To be honest I got all my strength from her during this process, I still don’t have my implants, but getting full dentures isn’t the easiest thing I went through. I feel sorry for Kristi sometimes when I check her instagram, and feel that she has to live with comments about her implants all of the time, but then I think she was meant to do this. She is a God sent to help others through this, and with that she grew into an extremely amazing woman full of love, gratitude and compassion. I wish I could give her a hug, I wish she could be my sister, or best friend. I owe my sanity to her.

  77. Where can I find a dentist that utilised phonares in my area? I live in Belleville Illinois, close to that Louis Mo area

  78. name is meng and i got the bad teeth and my dentist told me that i might loss all my teeth and i’m so scared that i going to loss all my teeth and i’m still young and i feel so alone and sad and i don’t have no one to talk too!! my last dentist told me that i might have to get dental implants but i don’t know how much it going to cost and i live in fresno ca and it a poor city…well how it feel like have dental implants? can u eat the food u use to eat or u can’t?? well hope u e-mail me back!!

  79. I too got Full, Upper & Lower dentures at an early age.
    I’m so pleased with them and do not regret it.
    I love their appearance and how they function.
    They are now just a natural part of me now. I love them.
    Good luck to anyone else contemplating Dentures.

  80. Kristi, first again as you are an angel for being forthcoming with something so personal and depending on a persons depth of personality, the last thing we want anyone to know other than our significant others, it seems from reading some comments that even at times they dont even want them to know? So I just want to remind people, that my suggestion is maybe they need to revaluation of their whole life and not just their mouth, because if someone cant love you, and i mean by all regards at your lowest point, or looks, maybe they dont deserve to have you at all!? A persons soul is not dependant on looks, you can have a beautiful smile but it can hide the worst kind of an ugly heart. Yes, who doesn’t want to radiate confidence and self esteem, which I think makes any person beautiful, and to me a homeless man can be more beautiful with a smile and soul behind him than a runway model and a dry grandiose personality. But thats just me….I guess for someone who has had beautiful teeth, or so people have told me, I spent upwards of 20k in repairs since my 20″s to maintain, multiple cavities, root canal on almost every teeth used for chewing, I have always flossed, brushed 2 x a day….a few years ago 4-5 it was not within financoal means to do implants and due to recurrent infections and abscess ans insurmountable amount of tooth pain which for me IS THE MOST GOD AWFUL PAIN RIGHT UP THERE NEXT TO CHILD BIRTH, I had 7 teeth extracted at once I had a excellent maxofacial dentist, he’s great but I I’m exploring the total costs with dentures and implants and without you winning that contest because most of us would only dream of 54k in free work, what are some of the things that are most important to know, or what are some of the things you would do differently of you could? For instance you mentioned the Temps were 800, the perms about 4400, and then something else cost another 6k, so that was 10k out of your pocket, I guess I’m asking why not just go straight for the implants initially???
    Being on meds for nearly 8 yrs despite how nice my teeth WERE and the same routine I’ve always followed, my teeth began decaying more rapidly some of the meds caused dry mouth and I understand that may have ultimately cost me my teeth, I have no molars on top, I can smile regularly and you barely notice but being that I’m a Cheese Smile Person it’s not easy for me to remember to only slightly open my mouth and I have only 5 teeth left on top, nothing past my k9 and a post or hole for root cancel that there is nothing to grab above the gum line to extract so I’m assuming it will need incision…I’ve been dealing with tooth decay at rapid pace for the last 8 yrs, I’ve since stopped all meds every single one but I have decay all along my gum line on nearly every tooth and it’s black spots. I’m just so tired of repeat visits to dentist my entire life, and how much I’ve spent, my parents spent, what this will cost I just want to know if I should go permanent implant rather than denture? My husband has the same issues, most teeth decayed due to meds mostly pain meds for an accident and shoulder dislocation, excersion on physical labor jobs, army, age….we are both 40 and by sounds are ratherlucky we kept ours as long as we did as you and others werent so thats a positive for us. My pain is no longer because I actually think that my nerves in most of my teeth have stopped working overtime to let me know they need help, my husband on he other hand has frequent infections and pain so badly I wish I could have helped him sooner the only thing that was our salvation in an inheritance from my mom but seriously I had to loose my mom to get my teeth, this country is backwards on health and dental…costs are outrageous and nothing is affordable for average American EVER….barely groceries maybe we need to look and see how far things have been marked up since the 70’s based on government repeatedly inflating the dollar to cover their debts and salaries….awful

  81. I just got dentures 4 days ago, in a lot of pain taking them out and putting them back in. I miss being able to eat regular food how long will the hard part of my journey last? I love the way they look on me I was in bad shape, I had 17 extractions done. I have a immediate upper and a partial bottom. Besides the pain I am ready for my new self confidence how long will I hurt and when can I eat regular food again. Please help.

  82. I’m having a hard time. It’s only been 16 days since my extractions but my self esteem is still very low. I’m so sad. I’ve been trying to take better care of my self, putting on makeup & nice clothes. No one seems to care. Don’t feel like writing out my story, no one will ever reply to me anyway. Kristie you do an amazing job sharing your journey & even though you get told this a lot you truly are a very lovely woman. I’m so happy for you being able to receive everything that you have. you have a beautiful heart as well & I’m so proud of you even though I don’t know you. I’m researching everything that I can find about the company you’re passionate about so that I can hopefully afford the teeth sent to my dentist when I’m healed in 8 months or so. My immediate isn’t bad but I really want the realistic kind. I’ve never been pretty so just once in my life I would love to know how it feels. Sorry for being so down on here. I’m sure no one will notice me anyway. On a better note keep doing what you are. You’re very articulate with your own information.
    God bless,


  83. hello everyone i have started a go fund me page to see if i can get any help with starting my life off.ive been needing teeth for a while now and some unforseen things have happend due to me not having teeth.they include my son been bullied at school due to me not having teeth also not being able to go confidently to there school for parents evening or even there sports as i dont want to cause any more harm to them(with the bulling an all)i cant eat properly either which really gets me down and in turn because i dont eat properly my health suffers also.this is my last ditch attempt of regaining a normal life can any1 please help thanks for reading and ur time love to all xxxxx

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  85. Thank you for being so transparent. It has helped me so much in deciding to take this journey to a better smile.

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  94. The pictures of these natural looking dentures on your website give me hope . For a smile and ability
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    Can you help me or direct me ? I live in southeastern Ohio . Thank you . Please respond .
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  95. Hi my name is Ireri Millan I’m trying to get implants I would like to know where I can get a consultation? I need implants on #s 2,5,7 13-15 18-21 28-31 I went to get my teeth fix I got crowns and they told me that the partial dentures were going to be flexible and when I went back it has a big metal piece and also big metal clamps in the front and now I’m in debt with a verification with money I dont have at the moment I would like to get quotes on those if possible. Thank you so much. I live in the LA county area
    Cell number 424 368 3685

  96. Hi my name is Ireri Millan I’m trying to get implants I would like to know where I can get a consultation? I need implants on #s 2,5,7 13-15 18-21 28-31 I went to get my teeth fix I got crowns and they told me that the partial dentures were going to be flexible and when I went back it has a big metal piece and also big metal clamps in the front and now I’m in debt with a verification with money I dont have at the moment I would like to get quotes on those if possible. Thank you so much. I live in the LA county area

  97. Hi Kristi
    I’m about to take a step of faith and do the implants-thing. Your video “two weeks after implants” leaves me with a much higher pulse ..😃. But like you said, new things bring new challenges, do not know how I am going to take it. You’re a very brave lady to spill your guts and shows pictures, talks about what you’ve been through etc. Thanks, it help me a lot.

    I’m in a more or less same situation as you. Also, loosed a lot of bone, just enough for the implants. I am scheduled for the procedure on the 8th of April 2021 and for now not very excited. Apparently the healing process takes 4 to 6 months. I real don’t want my face to look like fallen in, long nose, etc.
    Do your final bridges give enough lip/facial support. Is there any tips that you can give me to on the lookout to ask my dentist in this regard?

    Thanks for your time, looking forward hearing from you.
    Kind regards & stay safe.

  98. I recently got my permanent dentures, the tops i can’t even get in it hurts so much. The bottoms i can get in, but i can’t chew, talk, i’ve been 8 mos wearing only my temporary upper denture. It’s been a nightmare from day 1, don’t know what to do. They have $8200 upfront, and I have 14 teeth on the upper denture , 13 on bottom denture. On the temporary denture I had 1 more, should this be?

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